2006 Center Prospect Spencer Hawes

The 6-9 center from Seattle, <b>Spencer Hawes</b>, is among the best post players in the west for 2006, and could be among the best in the country. He talks about his early "little list"...

Spencer Hawes, 6-9 junior center, Seattle (Wash.) Prep, said he's having fun going up against the competition at the Nike Camp in Indianapolis this week.

"It's the toughest competition I've faced," Hawes said. "Everyone is big and strong. Usually I play against guys smaller than I am, but there are guys at least as tall as I am in every game here. It's tough, but fun."

It's especially fun for him since four of his teammates from the Friends of Hoop AAU squad are also here: Jon Brockman, Mitchell Johnson, Martell Webster and Micah Downs. "That makes it especially fun since we're pretty close," Hawes said.

Hawes, who is 16 years old, said that adding more weight and strength are his main goals. "I knew it before, but I especially know it now after coming to Nike."

When asked about recruiting, Hawes said he "had a little list," but "they weren't necessarily what I would clearly call my favorites since it's so early." That list consisted of Washington, Gonzaga, and UCLA. "Those are the ones that are probably high up there, as far as the ones that have contacted me. I've also heard from Kansas, Texas, Notre Dame and North Carolina State a little bit."

Hawes said since it's so early he didn't know if he'd be capable of going across the country for school. "Right now I feel it'd have to be a really good fit for me to go to the east coast, but I'm not going to rule out anyone because of their location. So, it probably isn't a real priority."

He said he has a 3.8 GPA.

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