Dew Has Heavy Favorite

Hemet QB/DE <b>Brandis Dew</b> shined at a recent summer camp, and is waiting on an offer from his favorite. Where does that leave UCLA?

The recruitment for Hemet (Calif.) High, quarterback/defensive end Brandis Dew, 6-6, 245, continues to drag on, but the question now isn't what position he will play in college, but whether he waits for an offer from USC, or accepts one from UCLA, LSU, UTEP or Duke, who've already extended an offer.

"I was the top defensive end at USC's camp, so I think they are going to offer me soon. If they offer me, I'm committing," said Dew.

Just a few weeks ago, Dew was leaning towards UCLA and close to accepting the Bruins offer, but decided to put it off when UCLA offered him solely as a defensive end. Initially wanting to play quarterback, Dew said he would wait to see how he performed at USC's camp before making a decision.

Playing defensive end, and winning the award for the best DE helped convince him that he is most likely going to be a defensive end at the next level, and he has began to think like a defensive linemen.

"I mean, I'll still play quarterback this year for us, but I'm starting to focus on playing defensive line. Its tough to keep my weight down enough to play quarterback, so if I play defensive end, then I can stay at my size."

Dew said if USC doesn't offer him, he will wait, but could eventually tire of waiting and choose from among his four offers, or anywhere else pops up.

Florida State has recently begun to show interest in him as an athlete, and Dew said they could be a legitimate candidate should the interest continue.

Dew would like to make his decision soon, but knows that if wants an offer from USC, he could have to wait.

"The only way I don't end up at USC is if they don't offer. I can wait as long as I need to if I have to."

Dew doesn't have any more plans for camps this summer, instead focusing on passing league and preparing for his senior year.

An solid student, Dew has a 3.5 GPA and received a 950 on his SAT, qualifying him already for college.

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