Webster Making Comeback

He was ranked the #1 player in the class of 2005 by a few recruiting services and now Seattle's <b>Martell Webster</b> is fighting his way back from an injury last November. The injury has put some things in perspective for him, particularly academics...

Martell Webster, the 6-6 senior small forward from Seattle (Wash.) Prep, said he is facing the challenges of coming back from a long injury, and that it will only make him better.

He partially chipped a bone and stretched some tendons in his foot last November and then, when he tried to return to play, he only appeared in three games, having to sit out the rest of the season because of the injury.

"It's been hard," said Webster, who was ranked #1 in the 2005 national class by many recruiting analysts (He now still appears generally in the national top 20). "I would say that it has slowed me down from where I was going. But I still feel that I'm on the rise. I've done so many positive things since the injury. So, there have been some things slowing me down, but I used them as motivation to get me back up there."

To get back up there Webster, who is probably 10 pounds on the heavier side at this point, thinks he has to work hard to get back to 100%. "I'm probably at about 90%," he said. "And that last 10% is really crucial. But I'm working at it."

He confirmed again that Arizona is his clear leader, with Washington, UCLA and North Carolina falling in line behind the Wildcats.

One of the positive things that Webster was referring to is an improvement in his academics. He said: "I didn't want to be known as someone who was just an athlete, I wanted to be known as a student athlete. I really put in an effort academically. That's why I like (Seattle) Prep, and why I'm going back to Prep because it really does prepare you for college. When I go, I want to be prepared so I don't set myself up for failure."

Webster says his overall GPA is now around 3.0, and he scored over 1,000 on a recent SAT. "Yeah, I broke 1,000. But I'm motivated now, so I might take it again to see if I can improve."

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