6-7 Alfred Aboya from Cameroon

6-7, 247-pound <b>Alfred Aboya</b> came to the States ten months ago unable to speak English. But in that short time he's learned the language, posted a qualifying SAT score, committed and de-commited from one college, and had surgery...

Alfred Aboya, the 6-7 senior power forward from Tilton (NH) Tilton School, is originally from Cameroon and has only been in the U.S. for 10 months.

Aboya, who looked good at last week's Nike Camp in Indianapolis despite still recovering from recent knee surgery, said being in the U.S. is still such a new experience.

"First it was just an all-around new experience," Aboya said. "Now, with recruiting, it's another new experience."

Aboya had committed to Georgetown initially when he first got to the States, but later reneged on his commitment. "I had committed to Georgetown, because it was the only American college I knew when I was in Cameroon. I had an older brother and friends that went there. I'm close with (Portland Trail Blazers') Boumtje Boumtje, who went to Georgetown. But now I'm absolutely open."

And he admits he has a great deal to learn about American colleges. "It's my first year in the United States and I'm just getting to know colleges. I'll get help from my high school coach and my family, and they'll help me to figure out what kind of school I want."

Aboya said he's heard from many schools besides Georgetown, including Kansas, Virginia, Connecticut and UCLA.

He had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee three months ago to repair some torn cartilage. "And I'm still not back from that. I'm still recovering, and I'm trying to get back to the level I was before the surgery. I'm getting there," he said.

Aboya, who is a solid 6-7 and a well-built 247 pounds, played on the Cameroon National Team – as a perimeter player. "Yeah, in Cameroon the game isn't that fast. But here it's very fast. In Cameroon also we don't have a lot of big guys. And then in our high school league in New Hampshire I competed against mostly little guys and it was easier. At this camp, it's hard, because it's so physical, with all of these big guys taller than me."

Aboya said he doesn't know what his Cameroon GPA would translate to as an American GPA, but he says academics won't be a problem. "I don't know what it would translate to, but I'm a good student and confident in my abilities. I took the ACT when I first got here and I couldn't even speak English. I scored low, a 14. But I took the SAT not too long ago and scored over a 900. I'll keep improving my English and then take it again."

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