Ohaeri Trips This Weekend

The talented athlete from San Bernardino, Glenn Ohaeri, trips to UCLA this weekend. Besides UCLA, the two other schools Ohaeri is considering seriously don't have head coaches...

Glenn Ohaeri, 5-9, 190, San Bernardino (Calif.) Aquinas, officially visited Cal last weekend and will visit UCLA this coming weekend.

"Cal was nice," Ohaeri said. "It was better than I expected. They don't have a head coach, so I thought it wouldn't be as good as it was. I talked with the athletic director. They also have the rest of the coaching staff still there. I met with (Offensive Coordinator) Al Borges, and a few other coaches, so it was good."

The Cal coaches, acccording to reports, are still working, except for fired Head Coach Tom Holmoe. The policy at Cal is a little unique: if this makeshift coaching staff offers a prospect then the Cal athletic director is going to make the new coaching staff that will be hired honor those offers.

But that is completely different than what's happening at another school that Ohaeri is considering seriously, Notre Dame, who also doesn't have a head coach, Bob Davie recently being fired.

Ohaeri, who ran for 2,095 yards and 32 touchdowns, said he still intends to visit Notre Dame in January. "Yeah, I haven't heard from Notre Dame in a while," Ohaeri said. "They just fired their coach and there's no staff there right now. So I really don't know what's going to happen. They had offered me before and I had planned a visit, and I hope it all still stands."

Ohaeri said he's also considering USC and UNLV, but the three schools – Cal, UCLA and Notre Dame – are the three leaders. Does it bode well for UCLA that it's the only school among his leaders that actually has a coaching staff? "I'm not really looking at it from that standpoint," Ohaeri said. "I think it might be a good thing that you'll have a new coach who will start the program over." Ohaeri said he was pretty confident that some of the Cal coaches would be retained. "Any head coach coming in will want some of the old coaches around to get a feel for players. I'm pretty confident that Al Borges will still be at Cal. I know he's a candidate for the head coaching position, too."

Ohaeri said that all of the schools he's considering have offered him, but he's uncertain whether USC has. "They might have talked to my coach, I don't know." He said there's a possibility that he could use his other two trips to visit USC and UNLV.

Ohaeri said he expects to be impressed by the UCLA trip. "I'm really looking forward to my UCLA trip this weekend. On my Cal trip, I talked to Cal safety Nnamdi Asomugha and he said one of his best visits was to UCLA." But Ohaeri intends not to commit no matter what. "I don't want to commit on any trip or right after," he said. "At that time you're pretty razzle dazzled, and you should be. So, I'll try not to be taken away by it. More than likely I won't."

The talented athlete said, though, that there could be a little drawback to UCLA since they're recruiting him just as a defensive back. "All the other schools are recruiting me as a running back. I had said before that it wouldn't really matter what position I'm getting recruited for, and it really doesn't. But I'm so used to running back right now. Changing position I guess isn't as bad as it sounds I guess."

Ohaeri said he has a 3.8 overall GPA, and just got a 4.0 on his fall semester grades. He scored a 960 on his SAT.

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