Georgian DL Likes the West

<B>Brandon Sesay</b>, a 6-5, 245-pound defensive lineman from Georgia, has family in California and says he'd prefer to go to school on the west coast. He has offers from the SEC, Big Ten and ACC...

By the time the season is done, Atlanta (Georg.) Douglass defensive lineman Brandon Sesay (6-5, 245) will have his pick from amongst the best schools in the SEC and ACC.

But if he gets his way, Sesay will end up going to school on the West Coast, having no problem leaving the South to be able to study the major of his choice, and continue to play bigtime college football.

"Everyone here thinks I am going to stay in the SEC. But I am serious about wanting to go out to California for school. I really like UCLA, and I'm looking at USC a lot too. I want to major in Marine Biology, and there's not a whole lot of places in the SEC I can do that."

Sesay has offers from a handful of SEC schools, though neither of the L.A. schools have offered him. Yet, they both stand a top his leaderboard.

"Right now my favorites are UCLA, USC, Georgia, Clemson, Arkansas and Minnesota," said Sesay, with the latter four having offered.

UCLA defensive line coach Don Johnson is recruiting Sesay, who says he can play both defensive tackle and defensive end, and will play whatever gets him on the field the earliest. He also plans to play tight end for Douglass this season, but said his future is on the defensive side of the ball.

This summer, Sesay stayed low-key, attending only Clemson's camp.

"It went real good. I had an opportunity to see how I stacked up and I thought I did well. I was invited to the Nike Camp, which was an honor, but I had a project due for school, and that was more important."

Sesay is in no rush to make a decision, and said he wants to take all five of his trips and enjoy recruiting before he decides.

"I know I am most definitely visiting UCLA and maybe USC. I'm definitely taking a visit out there. The guys on my team think I'm a West Coast guy anyway. My dad lives up in Northern California too, in Oakland. My parents are 100% behind my decision, whether I stay in the South or go out West."

For now, Sesay says he is going to focus on getting a championship in his senior year, knowing recruiting will still be there in December.

He has a 2.8 GPA, but wants to pull it up to a 3.0, and will retake his tests in the fall.

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