Marcedes Lewis Interview

After two seasons of earning his keep, junior tight end Marcedes Lewis is poised for a strong season, and returns as the Bruins second leading receiver. Lewis talked about the offense, new tight end coach Jon Embree, and his role at tight end.

BRO: For the first day, how did you feel the offense worked?
Lewis:: "Very good. Everyone is ready to go. Its camp, everyone is flying around. It's been a long time coming. We've been waiting for the season to begin. We're excited, we're ready to be out here. We have something to prove."

BRO: How do you feel personally, about practice and how you did today?
Lewis:: "A little slow, but that happens. You have a little rust when you take some time off. But when practice goes on, you get back in the flow. By the time we get into pads, I should be fine."

BRO: What stood out today for the offense?
Lewis:: "Focus. Focus for the first day. We made some mistakes but it wasn't too many. We came out here ready to go, but we learned a lot, so it was a little shaky, but I thought we had a lot of focus."

BRO: What definitely needs to be worked on the next few days? Anything glaring?
Lewis:: "Just attention to details. Knowing assignments, knowing what every person does in the passing game and the run blocking."

BRO: Physically, how are you feeling?
Lewis:: "Good. The strength coaches know what they are doing out here. They take care of our bodies. We got a lot stronger over the summer, so everyone is pumped and intense, we're ready."

BRO: You had Gary Bernardi as your tight end coach your first two years, now you have Jon Embree there. How has the adjustment been?
Lewis:: "I love it. I couldn't ask for more. I can relate to Embree. He does a good job coaching the tight ends, making things work. We know what he expects from us and we plan to get that every practice."

BRO: You have a bunch of former teammates at USC, and all you hear about is USC this and USC that, then you have to talk with them. Do you try not to worry about them or is it impossible given your relationship with some of the players?
Lewis:: "We don't worry about USC right now. We're worried about Oklahoma State. We'll worry about USC in December. Oklahoma State is our first game, that's what I'll worry about. By the time USC is on the schedule, then we'll talk about them."

BRO: You have some guys behind you (at tight end) with inexperience. Does that force you into more of a leadership role?
Lewis:: "Yeah, I felt like that last year too to be honest. Its nothing new to me. I know I have to lead by example, come out here with a good attitude, and play hard and fast."

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