Photo Gallery #2: More New Guys

It's the second photo gallery from Media Day, with more shots of some of the new additions to the team, including <b>Kyle Morgan</b>, <b>Marcus Everett</b>, <b>Shannon Tevaga<b> and <b>Rodney Van</b>....

JC transfer defensive end Kyle Morgan.

Freshman defensive tackle Chris Johnson.

Transfer quarterback Eddie Miller

JC transfer defensive end Justin Hickman

Freshman defensive tackle Kenneth Lombard

Freshman wide receiver Marcus Everett.

JC offensive guard Marc Villafuerte.

Freshman defensive back Michael Norris.

Freshman offensive linemen Nathaniel Skaggs.

Sophomore defensive tackle Robert Garcia.

Freshman defensive back Rodney Van.

Freshman wide receiever Ryan Graves.

Freshman offensive lineman Scott Glicksberg.

Freshman offensive lineman Shannon Tevaga.

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