Friday Afternoon Practice

The football team goes through a light practice the afternoon before Saturday's scrimmage. Spencer Havner keeps getting interceptions, and Drew Olson throws a couple of nice balls...

It was a short and limited practice, with the coaches trying to keep the players fresh for tomorrow's scrimmage.

The players were in shells, with some not even in shoulder pads.

Injury Report:

-- Kyle Morgan and Brigham Harwell walked around practice with their knees wrapped in ice.

-- Justin London hobbled out to practice on crutches, sporting a very large boot on his ankle.

-- Tim Warfield was on one crutch.

-- Eyoseph Efseaff, Jebiaus Brown and Keith Carter didn't practice.

-- Bruce Davis had a brace on his hand. He had x-rays done on his thumb which were negative.

There were only a few scrimmage drills, with most of the periods consisting of run-throughs.

In the 7-on-7, mostly a two-minute drill, linebacker Spencer Havner was the star, stepping in front of two passes for two interceptions. He must be averaging two interceptions a day in the last week.

Drew Olson also had a very good day. He threw a few pinpoint passes, one to Joe Cowan in the corner of the endzone, hitting him perfectly, and another on a deep out to Craig Bragg. That play, the deep out with Bragg, with Olson throwing a perfect pass to the outside, looks almost indefensible in fall practice.

Cornerback Nnamdi Ohaeri had a great pick where he literally pulled the ball out of Cowan's hands.

Justin Hickman's permanent number is 17. He only switched to #47 temporarily, since the #17 he had couldn't fit him. He's now back to a #17 that fits.

Karl Dorrell's post-practice comments:

"Today, the practice was the calm before the storm tomorrow. I think our guys will be ready to go tomorrow. We did a lot of checks, with all the different things offensively. We did some two-minute in certain critical situations to see if we can score a touchdown if need be. So it was light this afternoon, and we're anticipating a great scrimmage tomorrow."

On whether some of the injured will scrimmage tomorrow: "With Eyoseph, we'll see. We'll warm him up and see. The likelihood because he didn't do anything today, I'd say no. Keith Carter will get some work in tomorrow."

On Justin London's status: "We don't know yet. I think the doctors are going to wait, and keep him booted and off to it, and see what kind of response we get from that. We're trying to reduce the swelling, and keep the pressure off of it, and then make a determination in a few days. If we don't get the response we want in the next few days, we will get the MRI and X-ray done on it. With high ankle sprains, who knows? Some can bother you for a year. And with some you can be back in a few weeks. So we'll see."

On how significant the scrimmage is in determining playing time: "I think right now with our kids they see this as a prime opportunity to showcase how they're going to play and to show how competitive they're going to be, particularly with the competition at all of these positions. I think you'll see a split team tomorrow. I think the blue is going to be excited about doing something against the offense. And I think the offense will try to beat up our defense. But the scrimmage doesn't determine the starting spots, it's just one of the many factors. We're not going to step a depth chart in stone based on tomorrow. But it's part of the equation. We're still two weeks away. There are still plenty of opportunities for things to happen along the way."

On Manuel White in the scrimmage: "He'll play. He won't have as many plays. He hasn't been out here. He missed most of this week with a concussion. So we're going to be smart and limit his plays."

On whether it will be ones against ones: "Yes, it will be ones against ones and two against twos the whole time."

On kick-off returners: "Matt Clark and Maurice Drew are the frontrunners right now returning kicks. We then have Jason Harrison and Junior Taylor. And we also have Chris Markey. Those are the five primary guys who will be utilized back there. Tab Perry could. He did a nice job when he was here before. As soon as we get him back full go full time, then we'll get him back in the mix in a lot of different ways. But nothing is set. We're scrimmaging kick-off return, kick-offs, punt, punt return tomorrow. It's a full evaluation of every phase of the game."

Comments from Justin London about his ankle sprain.

How does it feel today?

"It feels much better today. The swelling has gone done from yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to start rehabbing over the weekend. It wasn't serious enough to get x-rays yet. But I think I'll get x-rays this afternoon, just to be sure. I think that's what they're saying. But it's just a sprain, a minor high-ankle sprain at the most. Two to three weeks at the most. It's going to make me work just as hard to get back on the field."

Will you be ready for Oklahoma State in two weeks?

"Yeah, I'll be ready."

Even if you're just 75%? "Definitely."

How did it happen?

"It was an inside run drill. I got caught under a couple of linemen. They fell over the top of my ankle. I tried to get it out of there, but couldn't get it out quick enough. It happens. You have to deal with it."

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