Sunday's Practice

The Bruins have a short, light practice Sunday, and <b>Spencer Havner</b> keeps his interception streak alive. Head coach Karl Dorrell comments about some of the post-scrimmage evaluations and injuries...

The team had a light, short practice Sunday afternoon in just helmets and shorts.

Player Status Update:

-- Offensive guard Eyoseph Efseaff continued to sit out.

-- Linebacker Tim Warfield was walking without crutches. There is a status update on him and Justin London in the comments of head coach Karl Dorrell below.

-- Defensive ends Kyle Morgan and Brigham Harwell are moving around much better.

-- J.J. Hair sat out practice, probably again due to concussive symptoms.

-- Jebiaus Brown, who suffered that neck injury last week, is still sitting.

-- Tab Perry will practice Monday for the first time in full pads. He ran with the starters for a good amount of reps Sunday.

The team went through some short 7-on-7 drills, particularly in some last-second play situations. The execution of the offense, particularly of the quarterbacks and the wide receivers, looked very good in these situations, and overall Sunday.

Spencer Havner did continue his streak of getting an interception in practice every day, Sunday getting two.

Freshman cornerback Rodney Van got a few reps with the #1 defense, as did redshirt freshman free safety Chris Horton.

Redshirt freshman strong safety Dennis Keyes now looks implanted as the #1 nickel back. This will give Horton less responsibility in case he needs to get significant minutes at free safety.

Freshman wide receiver Brandon Breazell had time with the first string offense.

A post-scrimmage depth chart could be out by Tuesday.

Karl Dorrell's post-practice comments Sunday...

"We had a good, short, crisp practice, and a good film session from the scrimmage yesterday. Like I said yesterday, I was pleased with the effort that I saw when I was out here on the field and it was verified when I watched the tape. So I'm really excited about the progress this team has made, both offensively and defensively. Both have made strides with doing some good things with some young players, and the one thing I will mention is you're going to see a number of young players that are going to play on this team this year. I still don't have a depth chart set yet, before that comes out, but we will have something soon. We had a good evaluation meeting this afternoon as a staff, and we've got to tweak and do some things with guys that have some injuries right now that there's a possibility they may not be playing. We've got to make sure we cover those bases, too, so there's a lot of thought processes going on right now. Today's practice was nice, short and crisp. We corrected some mistakes on both sides of the ball and we had short 7-on team segments. They were pretty sharp, so I'm excited about a day after a scrimmage, the day of practice we had today."

Did anybody on film jump out that you may not have seen in scrimmage?

"You know I thought the backs on the offensive side played pretty well. It's good to see Derrick Williams, who's had some injuries in his career early on here, had a really good day. We didn't want to see Maurice Drew and Manuel White take the load so much, so they played sparingly. But those other guys did a nice job. Chris Markey did a nice job, and Jason Harrison and Michael Pitre. All the guys that will have a chance to play for the first time this year, they did some good things. Pat Norton had a solid scrimmage. The backfield played well. Our tight ends played well. You saw Marcedes Lewis make a couple of nice catches, but the backup guys played pretty well, blocked pretty well in the run game. That was another good thing.

"The offensive line was solid. There was only a few protection errors that I saw, and that was through the whole scrimmage, and that was both the first and second (units). We did a nice job protecting the quarterback, and that's something we haven't done consistently in a while, so that was pleasing. The receivers did some nice things. A few early drops, which you saw in the early part of the scrimmage, but then there were some nice plays that were made, with (Craig) Bragg and a couple of other youngsters. Some young players. Brandon Breazell made a couple of good plays, and Ryan Graves and Junior Taylor and Joe Cowan made some key third-down catches. Chris Steck scored on an under route in the end zone. So guys are stepping up and doing some things. I'm pleased with that effort.

"Defensively, the pass rush was better than I thought. You didn't see as many sacks in the scrimmage, but there were a lot of opportunities for some sacks, and if it was live on the quarterback, he probably would have been hit some. Both Kevin Brown and C.J. Niusulu played well inside and Justin Hickman and Bruce Davis played well outside. Nikola Dragovic did a nice job playing at one of our reserve defensive ends. He played real well. Dan Nelson played well, our middle linebacker. We lost a couple of those guys that have some injuries right now, and he came in and played solid. Wesley Walker played well. Spencer Havner played well, and he had a nice interception in the game. I thought our corners played pretty well, too. They tackled pretty well in the run game and covered pretty well and did some good things. Marcus Cassel was solid. Matt Clark was solid. Trey Brown made a couple of nice plays in run support. Those are pretty good areas where they did some nice things. Jarrad Page looked good in the run game, coming up and forcing the run. Ben Emanuel made a couple of plays deep where a runner broke through there, once with Chris Markey, and he was the only one left and he made a stop on the 3-yard line, and you have to. When you're the last guy in the defense, you got to get him down, and he was able to get down a pretty good guy in Chris Markey. Very pleased with the effort.

"Are we ready to play against Oklahoma State right now? No. I think we're a good week-and-a-half from getting ourselves ready for that. But we'll for sure be ready. I'm excited about what this team has done."

Any update on Dennis Keyes?

"Dennis practiced today. He has a little bit of a twinge of his groin, and he probably could have finished playing yesterday but we held him out, so it's not a major injury. He can practice. It's just sore. We just want to keep watch on him."

Guys who may not play, are you talking about the two linebackers?

"Those guys, and the ends have a chance still. We'll have to see. They just started doing some of the rehab now. They were out earlier today doing some things. Justin (London) is still pretty swollen, and those types of sprains, it'd be hard to get him ready. But we'll see. Everybody is different, but we'll see. I think Tim Warfield will be ready. He should be ready to go, and in another couple of days he should be up and around and doing some things and getting himself ready."

What are your options after Warfield and Dan Nelson in the middle?

"That's one of those things we're working on."

Anybody in the lead at the cornerback spot, or other spots of competition?

"He played a little bit better -- I'm talking about Marcus Cassel. He played a little bit better than Nnamdi Ohaeri right now, but is that a clear-cut done deal? No, but he's earned the right to go out with the first team right now until proven otherwise. David Koral did a nice job in doing his role, and he'll keep the pressure on Drew Olson, along with Brian Callahan. All three of those quarterbacks played pretty well. We've got some good, healthy competition."

How did Wesley Walker do?

"Wesley played solid, and Aaron Whittington played solid, too. That's still going, what they're doing. We still have another week-and-a-half to get things cleaned up."

What about the offensive line?

"Mike McCloskey played real well. I think he's done a nice job. Steve Vieira's been playing real well, very consistent. Ed Blanton played well. Robert Chai was put in at guard, so, you know, he made a few mistakes in there because he played most of his reps at center until recently, until the scrimmage. So he had some mistakes inside, but we feel he's going to be a really good player at weak guard. And Paul Mociler played solid. We're encouraged, very encouraged with our starting line, and we have a good group of young players in our twos that have a bright future. Chris Joseph in our twos. He's playing our weak tackle, and Shannon Tevaga is playing at guard and Brian Abraham. All three of them are true freshmen that have done nice jobs in learning our system and getting better day-by-day. And Robert Cleary has done well. He's had some reps with the ones. He's in the mix, too, with being in that ones and twos category. He's done a nice job. He's splitting time with Robert Chai at guard. Numbers are better this year to work with, and even though some of them are young players, they're good, young players. We feel real good about them."

Are you concerned about Eyoseph Efseaff being out so long?

"We are. It's more significant than we thought, and he's tried to come out and do a few things and he hasn't been able to do them. That's the game of football. You've got to get yourself ready to go. We'll see day-by-day how he feels as the week unfolds."

Is there plenty of time for him to be ready by Oklahoma State?

"Sure. There's still two weeks, or a week-and-a-half to get ready."

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