Tuesday's Practice

With the team a bit beat up at the end of fall camp, a number of players sit out practice. But the offense continues to look good, while the defense also makes some big plays. A young player on offense steps up...

Player Status Update:

-- Head coach Karl Dorrell said that he expected linebacker Tim Warfield to return to practice Friday, and expected defensive ends Kyle Morgan and Brigham Harwell by Monday.

Warfield ran laps around the field Tuesday morning and Morgan and Harwell did some light drills on the side of practice.

-- Offensive guard Eyoseph Efseaff didn't participate in practice due to his continued groin injury.

-- Tight ends Keith Carter and J.J. Hair sat out practice. Carter is alternating practices he participates in, and Hair is sitting out due to concussive symptoms.

-- In red no-hit jerseys: safety Jarrad Page, linebacker Ben Lorier and running back Derrick Williams (more below).

-- Receiver Joe Cowan sat out the majority of practice, suffering a groin injury in practice Monday. Dorrell said it wasn't serious.

-- Defensive end Nikola Dragovic bruised his hand, didn't practice in a few periods, but Dorrell said it also wasn't serious.

-- Walk-on wide receiver Damien Scott has a sling on his left arm/shoulder.

Probably the player who had the biggest practice Tuesday morning was freshman wide receiver Marcus Everett. After recovering from a concussion, and then not getting many reps in the scrimmage Saturday, it looked the freshmen receivers who were emerging were Brandon Breazell and Ryan Graves. But Everett showed today that he's someone who is going to contend for some back-up minutes this year. In a matter of three plays, Everett caught two well thrown posts by Brian Callahan perfectly, getting behind the defense well. On one he had to stretch and made the catch while keeping stride, and then outrunning the defender. Everett caught two more TD passes in the redzone drill, one on a face in the corner, and another over the middle, holding onto the ball after taking a good pop from a defender.

You'd have to think that, with just his performance today, Everett has given himself a chance to get in the mix at wide receiver.

Breazell, not to be completely outdone, scored a TD when making a tough catch on an out in the endzone.

Tab Perry continued to be very impressive, catching a nice touchdown in the corner of the endzone in the redzone drill, and drawing a pass interception on another. He was popped very well in a live 11-on-11 drill by safety Ben Emanuel, but still held onto the ball.

Marcedes Lewis caught a quick hitch and then turned it up the middle of the defense for a gain of about 25 yards.

Running backs Manuel White and Maurice Drew both made long gains on short flair passes, turning up the field and down the sideline.

The defense did make some big plays:

-- Nnamdi Ohaeri had a nice interception.

-- C.J. Niusulu had a sack, as did Spencer Havner.

-- Matt Clark, who has been playing very solidly, had a very nice break-up of a pass to Craig Bragg, where Bragg had the ball in his hands.

-- Safety Dennis Keyes stepped in front of a poorly thrown Callahan pass for an easy interception.

Quick Observations:

-- Robert Chai is looking very good at weakside offensive guard, most of the time getting the best of his opponents.

-- With Dragovic unable to play for the second-string defensive line, Noah Sutherland moved to defensive end, to join defensive end Williams Snead and tackles Robert Garcia and Kenneth Lombard as the second-string DL at this time.

Trey Brown has established himself as the #2 right corner, behind Clark. While Marcus Cassel gets most of the first reps with the #1 defense at the left corner spot, Ohaeri has been playing well. It's thought, though, that Cassel might ultimately get the nod because, with Clark at 5-9 at one corner, the defensive coaches would want a little more size at the other corner (Cassel is 6-0 while Ohaeri is 5-9).

Freshman running back Chris Markey is definitely in the rotation at running back, especially with Derrick Williams not getting any contact reps. It does appear, though, that Markey could be getting more reps that Jason Harrison.

Post-practice comments from Karl Dorrell...

"We're trudging though practice. You can tell there are some sore bodies out there, with the work we've been doing. We're getting a lot of good work, and we're getting some live pass-rush drills and some team third-downs. We are getting a little sore and a little banged up. You might have noticed we started doing our preparation for Oklahoma State, too. So we'll start to taper back, and start freshening up, and start getting ready to play."

Are you going to game prep work tomorrow?

"I think from this point on, you're going to see a little bit more as the days unfold. We'll do a little bit more tomorrow, and then on Thursday there'll be some work, and then more on Friday and more on Saturday. It's that time. We're less than two weeks away. It's time to freshen up and get our guys ready to play. They've had a very good camp. We're excited about how things went in camp. Now it's time to start mending those bodies back that were banged up to play in our opener."

What are the injuries of the guys who were in red today?

"Jarrad Page has a sore shoulder, and Ben Lorier also has a sore shoulder. We want to get them feeling pretty good. They are guys we need to get healthy. They're also big special teams players for us. You'll start seeing a little more of that, with the guys coming back. They'll be in red to try to protect them. Derrick Williams has a sore shoulder as well. He's practicing, and it's just a bruised shoulder and we think he'll be fine in a few days."

What was your opinion of Marcus Everett's practice today?

"He showed up today. He did a nice job. He had a couple of nice deep balls, and made some nice plays down in the redzone. He's one of those guys we're counting on to play this year. He'll be in the mix, I don't know how much. We'll determine that as we game plan and the season unfolds. He will be in the mix and provide that depth for us."

How is Manuel White?

"He's good. He's back in there, banging it around. He missed four or five days of camp. This is now valuable time for him, the physical part of camp, to getting him ready to go next week."

What's Tim Warfield's status?

"it's day-to-day. According to the doctors, he should be full-go by Friday. So he'll get some work in by the end of the week. He was running around earlier today. We're optimistic he's going to be fine."

Any new assessment of Morgan and Harwell?

"The time frame we're having is that they'll be ready to go by Monday. So they'll be in condition and getting themselves ready to go."

Will they be in the game plan for next week?

"We'll determine that once they get going. We haven't officially had a depth chart. I am working on that today."

Will Morgan and Harwell be hitting on Monday?

"We're trying to put them on schedule that they start practicing Monday."

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