Wednesday Afternoon Practice

It's a light session, with the Bruins going through special teams and different late-game situations in just their helmets and shorts. Head coach Karl Dorrell provides an update on Kevin Brown and more...

It was a very light practice Wednesday afternoon, in just helmets, jerseys and shorts, and there wasn't much to report.

Linebacker Tim Warfield did practice, in a red, no-hit jersey, but was running a bit gingerly.

Safety Jarrad Page and back-up linebacker Ben Lorier are still in red jerseys.

Joe Cowan participated in the drills, at half speed, due to his groin injury.

The team won't have a practice open to the media tomorrow, but head coach Karl Dorrell will meet tomorrow afternoon with the media.

Fullback prospect Pat Roxas from Orange (Calif.) Orange Luthern attended practice.

Dorrell's post-practice comments...

"Practice today was a specialty practice, with a lot of special teams stuff and some last-minute, two-minute stuff, dealing with last plays of the game. We set up for going for 60-yard field goals, and to test out if we had a kicker who could kick 60-yard field goals, and he couldn't quite do it. So we put ourselves through a number of tests getting ourselves ready. Camp has been great. We've had our few injuries here and there. And they're not major injuries. Some of those guys will be back pretty soon. And we'll be ready to go next week."

What's the word on Kevin Brown?

"Kevin's test came back negative. We feel really excited about that. He does have some swelling in that knee, so we have to get that calmed down with some treatment. We think he's going to be fine."

Do you mean Oklahoma State fine?

"That's what I mean. That's the first game on my agenda. We think he'll be fine. We just have to calm down the inflammation right now and that will take a few days and then he'll be ready to go."

Do you expect him to go Monday?

"We're hopeful for that. We'll go through his treatment, get the swelling down and get him ready. Along with Kyle Morgan and Brigham Harwell, all three of those guys we are anticipating being ready to go early next week."

What can you do to get your young players ready to play?

"I think we have some really good young talent that's going to do some great things for us this year. We've had a good camp. We're going to play a lot of young players. But that's okay. There are a lot of teams doing that. And we feel good about the ones we're going to play. The young players have stepped up and done some great things. I'm excited to watch them play."

Are games the best really to get them experience?

"There is nothing better than a game. Just like with first-year head coaches; There's nothing better than going through it your first time. So I think these guys have to experience a game. As much as you try to replicate full-speed in practice, it's always faster in a game. That's something we stress and strive for all the time. But once the game setting arrives and they have to make adjustments on the run, and guys have to communicate and do certain things, a lot of stuff hits the fan pretty quick. It will be a great experience for those guys to go through."

Who are some of the young guys that have impressed you?

"On defense, we're going to play with some younger players, particularly in our defensive front. Bruce Davis has had a great camp, and so has Justin Hickman. Both ends. Both of those guys will do some great things for us. C.J. Niusulu has had a little bit of an injury bug, but he's started to come on, and he's starting to be in the position he should be at this time. Linebacker-wise, we have some young players playing for the first time, like Wesley Walker, who has done a great job this camp. He's actually playing two positions, due to injuries at the Mike position. Then the secondary, there's Chris Horton, who had a good spring, is backing up the safeties, is continuing to impress people. We feel good that some of those guys at certain positions are really going to help us."

Even though you've had some injuries on the defensive line, do you feel pretty good about things right now?

"I feel good that they have a chance to be back. That's the big thing. The only one that doesn't look like there's a likelihood for being back is Justin London, to be ready for the game. Everyone else has a pretty good chance to be be back and ready to go a week from Saturday."

What's London's timetable?

"I have no idea what timetable he's on. He has that sprain that some people react to it so much differently than others. I know that he's not going to ready for next week. And we'll just have to see week by week, or day by day."

How much does it hurt not having him out there?

"Well, that stands for itself. He's a returning starter and that's going to hurt some. But we have some very capable people who have done nice jobs filling in his shoes. Dan Nelson, the junior college player playing for the first time, is doing a very good job. And Tim Warfield is back from his injury. He's in red, but he'll be back and ready to go next week. So our depth will be solid."

Is it tough to know who will start at that linebacker position for the game?

"No, it's not hard to tell at all. Dan will be the starter at the Mike, and Tim we're hoping will be able to fill in and splitting time in there."

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