Friday Morning Practice

It's a light practice, with the coaches beginning to put in the game plan for Oklahoma State. There is some generally good news on UCLA's list of injured...

The first practice after breaking camp, Friday's morning practice was fairly light, with very few scrimmage drills. It is very apparent that the coaches are trying to get the team recovered from its various bumps and bruises, get their legs back and get the injured returned to the team.

Player Status Update:

Defensive ends Kyle Morgan and Brigham Harwell participated in some of the individual drills, but not the team drills.

J.J. Hair did not participate. He will undergo an exertion test today and if he passes, will probably practice tomorrow.

Defensive tackle Kevin Brown was walking well on his knee.

Eyoseph Efseaff was fully dressed and participated in some periods of practice.

Wide receiver Joe Cowan, who was out with a slight groin injury, practiced.

Middle linebacker Justin London was off crutches completely, and still in the boot to protect his high ankle sprain.

For the practice, the defensive backs and defense had a good day. Matt Clark looked good in both the one-on-one drills and the team drills.

In most of the team drills, the starters went up against basically the scout teams, and the starters, as you would think, had their way with them. The first strings did face each other for a short period, but it was for just a thud and not live.

Linebacker Spencer Havner had two sacks in a row. Jarrad Page intercepted an errant Drew Olson pass. In fact, Olson was intercepted by the scout team, and generally didn't have one of his better days throwing the ball.

It definitely looks like freshmen wide receivers Brandon Breazell and Marcus Everett will be called on to play.

Tab Perry probably had the play of the day, making a great catch stretching out to grab a pass down the middle over safety Ben Emanuel.

There was a drill where the offensive line and defensive line face off individually on pass rush. Robert Chai continues to impress with his ability to contain his rusher. Robert Cleary and Chai continue to alternate at that starting weakside guard spot. Both will probably get time there in the game but it looks like Chai has emerged as the better option there.

Defensive end Justin Hickman continues to show a knack for getting around his blocker and getting to the quarterback.

Karl Dorrell's post-practice comments...

"I tell you what, I'm excited that we got some practice time for a couple of our knee guys. It was encouraging to see Brigham and Kyle doing some stuff today. It gives us a pretty good idea of where we're at in that position. Those guys will be full-go on Monday. It was reassuring to see the things they did today, that will be okay there. It was a good practice. Good tempo on both sides. I think the kids are locked in now, getting ready for Oklahoma State. We're backing off in terms of the depth and how long we're on the field. We just have to freshen up our legs. We're ready to go. We're getting ourselves ready to go. It's nice being on Friday, knowing that we have a full week to get yourselves ready for a big game against Oklahoma State."

So Harwell and Morgan will go through all the drills on Monday?

"They practically did that today. I wasn't expecting that. I thought they were moving around pretty well. We were all surprised by how well they moved around today. The only thing they didn't do is the team stuff. So we feel pretty good."

So in your mind you think they'll be ready to go?

"Sure. That's what we're hopeful for. We could get setbacks during the week, but I'm encouraged by what I saw today. It gives us a better expectation about them playing a week from now."

Did you start putting in the game plan for Oklahoma State?

"We started the base elements of the game plan. The base offensive and defensive schemes were planning to use against them. As we build into the game a week from now, we'll work on certain areas of each game plan as it unfolds. Today it was kind of dusting off the base things we think we're going to do from an offensive and defensive perspective. We'll do a little special teams this afternoon along with some of those offensive and defensive plans too. We'll keep building as we go, like with the nickel plan and the short-yardage goal lines and redzones. Today was the first segment of it of probably a four-day process."

Was Kevin Brown better today?

"Yeah. He's moving a lot better. We're just trying to get the inflammation down from inside the joint. We're anticipating him being ready to go Monday. We'll probably have him do some light running tomorrow, and keep getting a treatment, and getting the swelling down, and getting him ready to go for Monday."

How about Eyoseph Efseaff?

"He's still not able to do much. He's done some things. He began practice where he did some individual technique and then it would tighten up on him. I don't know what his status will be for the game. He does have a legitimate injury. There is some discoloration in the area he's injured. It's just unfortunate it hasn't responded. He just has some days that are better than others, and today he was trying to do a lot of things, and wasn't able to do much after a period of time."

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