Saturday's Practice

The practice is light, made up primarily of drills and game preparation. The outlook of the injured improves, with more players looking like they'll be ready to practice Monday, and a couple of open starting positions are settled...

It was another light practice, with the players in smaller shoulder pads and shorts.

It was announced that junior Robert Cleary will start at weakside offensive guard over sophomore Robert Chai. The incumbent starter, Eyoseph Efseaff, re-injured his groin and looks like he won't be back in time to play for the Oklahoma State game.

Junior Marcus Cassel also has won the starting job at the one open cornerback spot, but Nnamdi Ohaeri will see quite a bit of time there.

Linebacker Justin London is out of the boot, but is still walking gingerly on his sprained ankle.

Linebacker Tim Warfield looked like he tweaked his hyper-extended knee in practice today.

Defensive ends Kyle Morgan and Brigham Harwell did more in practice today.

J.J. Hair was in a red, no-hit jersey, even though there was no hitting at all being done today.

In fact, all but 20 minutes of pratice were drills and game plan preparation.

In the 20 minutes of team drills, Marcus Cassel did step in front of Craig Bragg on a long out thrown late by Drew Olson and made the easy interception.

It appears that walk-on receiver Chris Steck will be the receiver rotation.

The depth chart is planned to be released Monday.

Karl Dorrell's post-practice comments...

"We're excited. Just about five minutes ago, it was kick-off time, and we'll be playing right now a week from today. It's good to put things in perspective. We had a very good camp. A lot of things were done that I think are going to be very positive for the beginning of this season. We just have to get some of those nagging injury guys back, and most of the those guys will be back in the fold Monday. We need to have a great week of preparation. It will be a little different. Oklahoma State hasn't had that much exposure for their camp at all in terms of getting any information about what's going on in their program. We have to be prepared for anything and everything. And that's going to take a great week of practice. We need to be aware and sharp for anything that could happen on Saturday. Camp was good and now it's time to lock in on a game-week perspective and get ourselves going."

Is Warfield okay?

"He tweaked it a little bit. He's okay, though. I think most of its psychological. When you tear up scar tissue, and that's going to happen, you feel like you may have re-injured it, and really what it is it's breaking up some of the scar tissue in the area of the injury. We had him checked out again and his knee is very, very stable. It's just a matter of him getting through it, and getting used to playing with a little bit of pain."

How is London?

"He is out of the boot. In terms of the likelihood of him playing, no. He's definitely out for this game. And another player we're going to put on the injured list is Eyoseph. He re-injured his groin yesterday. The likelihood for him is not good, just because of the nature that he's being trying to get back in and he hasn't gotten a full practice. So it's probably not going to work out."

What's the status of Kevin Harbour?

"He's progressing well. With the injury he's had, our doctors are very conservative about what they want him to do. He would love to do more. But we're restricting him. He's ahead of schedule. And we're still anticipating somewhere around the fourth or fifth game of the year, or maybe the fifth or sixth game."

Morgan and Harwell?

"They came out and did more drills today. We anticipate them being ready to go on Monday. They practiced yesterday without any inflammation or swelling up, which is a great sign."

What kind of chance might they have to play on Saturday?

"They're going to give us depth. They won't be starters. But they'll be guys that rotate in and provide us some depth. Like I've said all along, we're going to play a lot of guys on the defensive line. But it will be good to have some of our better guys in that type of rotation."

Will the two freshmen you moved over to DL – Scott Glicksberg and Nathaniel Skaggs – stay there for a while?

"We are going to keep them there for a while. They're still in a redshirt status. They're progressing but they're not ready to play."

Maurice Drew hasn't gotten that much publicity this fall. How has he done?

"He's done well. He's done everything we've asked him to do. He runs the way we want him to run. He's had a great camp. It's nice to have depth, nice to have other guys show up, with Derrick Williams emerging and also the young freshman, Chris Markey. But when we start out on Saturday, he (Drew) is the lead dog. He and Manuel White will be carrying the load. We'll let him run the ball until he can't, and then it's good to know we have other guys."

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