Clayton Walker's Post-Trip Glow

The lineman from Arizona that many scouts say is among the best on the west coast, Clayton Walker, glowed about his trip to UCLA last weekend. But his Washington trip is this weekend...

Clayton Walker, 6-4, 270, Scottsdale (Ariz.) Horizon, took his official visit to UCLA last weekend and said, "It was awesome."

"I really enjoyed the players," Walker said. "They're really great guys. My hosts were Keith Carter and Mike Saffer. They were all honest with me and seemed like really good guys. They pretty much took us out to the best restaurants in L.A. Everything was awesome."

Walker will take his official visit to Washington this coming weekend. He has plans to visit Colorado State January 4th and ASU January 11th. Oregon State is also trying to arrange a visit with him.

Walker had said that Washington was his leader previously, but he now says that has changed. "I don't know, I don't think I have a leader right now. The UCLA trip was so awesome, but I'm sure Washington will be, too. David Beall, the offensive lineman from Washington, was on his trip to UCLA, too. He had already been on his trip to Washington and he said that trip was really great."

Walker's father accompanied him on the UCLA visit, and it was a homecoming of sorts for both of them, their family originally from La Mirada. But Walker said they had no time to look up family in the area. "We were way too busy. My dad had a great time. It was great weather."

What were some of the highlights? "The Rose Bowl was really great. I mean, I know a lot of schools probably do this kind of thing. I talked to a friend and we compared notes. He took a trip to Boise State and he said they put his name up on the Jumbotron of the stadium. But to see it at the Rose Bowl, and getting introduced on the screen, was pretty great."

The offensive lineman said he was originally very intent with taking all of his trips before he decided, but now he's not sure. "I don't know. I kind of hope I would. I'd like to be able to do it before I make up my mind. All the UCLA players told me to take as many trips as I can. It sounds like pretty good advice. In the end, with the schools that are recruiting me, I guess there really isn't a wrong choice."

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