Matua Takes Trip to USC

The highly-sought defensive lineman from Banning, Fred Matua, tripped officially to USC this weekend and talks about it. He has plans for his five trips and insists he'll take all five...

Fred Matua, 6-2, 280, Los Angeles (Calif.) Banning took his official visit to USC this weekend and said that it helped USC's chances with him "a little bit."

"The trip was cool," Matua said. "The best part is hanging out with the guys on the football team. But it was a typical visit. You take the tour around campus and go out with the guys."

Matua had already tripped to Arizona State, which he also said was "cool," and added that both trips "were equally cool."

When asked if he now has a leader, Matua said, "No, not really. They're all even. I want to keep an open mind about all of this and not decide until I've taken all my trips. I didn't really even think about committing to USC, just because I want to take my trips. And USC didn't pressure me."

Matua will visit UCLA January 11th and Hawaii January 24th. In between, he'll visit either Washington, Oklahoma or Notre Dame and will decide over the holidays which one will get that fifth visit.

After his official visit to USC, could he see himself playing there pretty easily? "Sure. But I can see myself playing at the other five schools, too."

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