Dorrell's Comments on Thursday

Head Coach Karl Dorrell answers some quick questions after practice Thursday, particularly on his team's preparation for Washington on Saturday...

These are comments from Head Coach Karl Dorrell after practice Thursday. Has the rivalry with Washington changed at all, or was it pretty good when you played?

"It's always been good. It's been good since I've been associated with UCLA. It's a big game. It's always tough to play up there. It's a great environment and a great game. The weather conditions are going to be awesome."

Are you concerned a bit about the weather? They're forecasting rain...

"There will be rain, yeah. We're expecting that."

Will the players be outfitted with two different pairs of shoes in preparation for rain? "No. We're just going to wear cleats and go play. It's great football conditions. It's a great field. That (?) grass holds up really well, with good footing. There will be no problems for us, in terms of going up there and playing."

How has piping in the noise this week for practice worked out?

"Good. Pretty well. Our offense has been able to communicate with it. Receivers, they're coming off the football by just watching the ball. We're feeling pretty good about it. It's definitely going to be noisy up there so it's good they have a feel for it."

Have you determined how many DLs will travel?

"Twelve d-linemen, seven linebackers and twelve DBs."

You had said on Monday that it could possibly be just 10 d-linemen...

"We normally would travel with only ten, but we only have seven linebackers, so we're going to take a couple of extra d-linemen. They're the usual suspects."

Have to spoken to (last year's UCLA offensive coordinator and now Washington coach) Steve Axman?

"I haven't spoken to him since spring."

Will you meet up with him before the game?

"We'll see. We have a game to win. I'm sure they feel the same way. They're going to be focused and intent on doing their job, and we'll be the same. It's not necessarily customary that you see the opposing coaches between every game. I know a lot of guys on that staff, I'm sure I'm going to see quite a few."

Are you still on talking terms with him?

"I'm worried about winning a football game. I'm in pretty good shape from that standpoint. The least of my concerns is whether he likes me or vice versa. We don't have any issue. We have a game to win, and he's going to do his job in getting his people ready, and I have to do the same."

How healthy are some of the recovering guys?

"They're good. They'll be ready to go. They've improved this week. C.J. Niusulu practiced and did everything today. And so did Justin London. We're ready to go."

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