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UCLA's offensive stats are impressive, numbering among the best in the nation, as are the stats of running back <b>Maurice Drew</b>. Drew also comments about his record-setting game against Washington...

-- Maurice Drew is second in the Pac-10 in rushing, averaging 169.33 yards per game, behind Cal's J.J. Arrington at 179. Drew is sixth in the nation. Drew is averaging an astounding 8.6 yards per carry.

-- Drew is #1 in the Pac-10 and second in the country in all-purpose yards, averaging 225 per game.

-- Manuel White is averaging 108.67 yards game, making him third in the Pac-10 and 18th in the country.

-- UCLA's is #11 in the country and second in the Pac-10 in total offense, averaging 490 yards per game. Cal is first in the nation and the Pac-10, averaging 592. UCLA edged out USC, which is averaging 484.

-- UCLA's rushing offense is #8 in the country and second in the Pac-10 behind Cal, averaging 296 yards per game on the ground.

-- UCLA is 22nd in the nation in pass defense, but interestingly, only sixth in the Pac-10, giving up only 157 yards passing per game.

-- UCLA is last in the Pac-10 in rushing defense, giving up 284 yards per game, which is also 112th in the nation out of 117 teams.

-- UCLA is last in the Pac-10 in total defense, and 96th in the nation, giving up an average of 441 yards per game.

-- UCLA is third in the Pac-10 in first downs.

-- First in the Pac-10 in sacks against, allowing only 1 sack in three games.

-- #1 in fewest yards given up by penalties in the Pac-10, averaging only 26.7 per game.

-- Last in the Pac-10 in time of possession, averaging 27:44 per game.

-- Spencer Havner is now second in the Pac-10 in tackles, averaging 15.3 per game, and third in the country.

The San Diego State game will start at 4:00 at the Rose Bowl on October 2nd, and be televised by Fox Sports West 2.

Comments from Maurice Drew on Monday.

What have been some of your thoughts looking back on the game?

"Just thinking about it, it was a great game. Going into their house, coming out with a victory such as that. From an offensive standpoint I think we did really well, running the ball. The offensive line stepped it up. The receivers played well. It made it easier on myself and Manuel White to run because we didn't have to worry about anyone trying to tackle us until we got into the safeties, 15 yards into the defense. So, I think it was a successful reason."

Were you shocked by how big the holes were?

"I was real shocked. In my mind I was screaming. Usually at practice it's not like that. For the o-line to come out and do what they did it's just great to see it, and a pleasure to see it. When everything happens like that and all you have to do is run it just makes it easier on you."

Are you amazed as the advances the offensive line has made since last year?

"That was one of the main goals during the off-season, to get stronger, bigger and faster. To go into spring ball and try to become a more physical offense. I think that's what we've carried on into the season, to try to be more physical than a lot of the other defenses. The o-line made some big leaps because they now stick on their guys and do what they're supposed to do. Coach (Tom) Cable is a great coach. He's been coaching them up and helping them, getting them all on the same page. I think the offense will be going pretty far with the coaches we have."

What's the difference with the o-line attitude now?

"It just seems like we're all having fun. That's the main thing. To go out there and have fun. Fly around, get big hits, make great blocks, and that's what we're bringing back to UCLA. To just have fun."

What has Coach Cable meant to the offense, off the field as well?

"Off the field, he's just a great guy. If you need someone to talk to, like with Coach (Eric) Bieniemy, and all the other offensive coaches, he's there for you. It doesn't matter if you're an o-lineman or a receiver or a running back, or a defensive player, he's there for you. He's been a lot of places in his life, so he knows a lot of things. He's just a great guy off the field. On the field, he's a hard-nosed coach. If you're hurt, he wants you to fight through it, unless you're really injured. The things he brings to this offense are really going to help us out in the long run. I think what he's doing with it is great."

What has been some of the biggest impact he's brought to the offense in practice?

"We just try to practice faster. We practice so fast that when we get in the game it's easy. That's what helps us out. Also, when we get in the game we're not as tired as we are in practice. We're going a million reps here and there in practice. In the game, you're only going about 60 or 70 plays, and you're fine. Each practice you go about 150. We're going so fast when we get done with practice you want to go lay down in the locker room and sleep. You get in the game, at halftime, guys aren't tired but just talking and trying to fix things. We still have a lot of energy left."

What was your best high school game?

"When we played Long Beach Poly that was a pretty good game. But my senior year against Antioch, that was my hometown, with all my friends on that team, I had 11 carries for 300 yards and five touchdowns. It was pretty fun to beat up on them."

Was the Washington game better?

"It's different, and in many ways it's better. We played against a great Washington team. It was a great hostile environment. To see everyone grow. Since last year we've grown so much. A lot of people aren't expecting us to do what we've done. It's great to go in there as an underdog and come out on top."

Have you heard anything from DeShaun Foster after breaking his record?

"I think he's pretty mad. He called a couple of the guys on the team and told them he was going to beat me up. We'll see when I see him."

Can you take him?

"I don't know. He's pretty big. We'll see what goes on when he comes around."

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