Edwards: UCLA and Stanford So Different

The #1-ranked quarterback in the country, Trent Edwards, took his official visit to UCLA last weekend and talks about the differences between UCLA and Stanford...

Trent Edwards, 6-3, 190, Los Gatos (Calif.) High, said that, after tripping to both Stanford and UCLA, the schools are "at the opposite ends of the spectrum" for him.

"They're both very good academically, but the feel to each of them, the feel is different. They're at opposite ends of the spectrum. In Palo Alto, it's a small town environment. In Westwood, it's more Hollywood and big city. They have such different styles, especially socially."

Does he consider himself more of a small town kind of guy or a Hollywood kind of guy? After laughing a bit, Edwards said, "I can't really say. I'm kind of both. I'm trying to figure it out right now."

The #1-ranked quarterback prospect in the country, though, said that it's almost entirely down to UCLA or Stanford. "It was over with Michigan when they got a commitment from Matt Guiterrez. I had told the Florida coaches I'd trip. I might do it on January 11th or later. But I don't know if I'm going to take that trip. I feel a little obligated since they've been recruiting me, so I might wait it out and take the trip. I'm not sure. But right now, I'm really deciding between UCLA and Stanford."

Edwards, who was hosted last weekend by tight end Mike Seidman, said that the UCLA trip helped to give him a feel for what a life at UCLA would be. "It was really fun. It was a good time. I hung out with the players and met with the coaches, and talked more with them. I went to the basketball game on Saturday, and the Rose Bowl, which was great. I enjoyed both the UCLA and Stanford trips. I really have to figure this out."

When discussing the time frame for figuring it out, Edwards said that he'll take the holidays to think about the decision. "I want to talk to my family. I'm definitely going to think it over during the holidays. Talk to my family and my girlfriend. We'll try to sort it out, and see what they're thinking about what my best situation is." Which school do his parents, who went on both official visits with him, prefer? "Well, I'm sure they like Stanford more. It's closer to home. But the had a really good time in L.A."

Edwards said that Bob Toledo and the UCLA coaching staff has made it clear that he'll be able to compete immediately for the starting quarterback position as a freshman. "It's definitely a factor. It's a really good question, though, on whether it's a positive factor or negative factor. It's a little bit of both. I love playing football and I don't like sitting on the sideline. But maybe I'm not ready as a true freshman. They said they'd condense the offense for me to get it to what I could handle for my first year. So, it's definitely a positive on one hand. But on the other, it could be smart to redshirt."

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