Miller Has a Long Way to Go

The cornerback prospect from Fresno, Aaron Miller, is determined to hold out and go on his trips. He talks about the schools he's considering and his leader...

Aaron Miller, 6-0, 170, Fresno (Calif.) Edison, said that UCLA "probably" is his leader after taking his official visit to Westwood last weekend.

"They're probably still my leader," Miller said. "The visit was a really good experience. I had visited UCLA before but it was nothing like that. I was either there for a football camp or down for a game. I gained almost 10 pounds in 48 hours from how much they feed you. My grandmother, uncle and aunt all went, too, and they had fun."

Ricky Manning hosted Miller, which is natural since Manning and Miller are friends, having both attended the same high school. "It was good to hang out with Ricky. It was good to be able to spend time with him and have time to talk to him. We also went out a lot in L.A. I toured L.A."

When asked if having Manning at UCLA would be a plus if Miller went there, he said, "Sure, it helps. He's there and he'd teach me things, teach me the ropes." Miller then laughed a little and said, "But in a way it doesn't. Ricky is used to the fast life there, a life I'm not used to. He's been there and done that. I don't know if I could keep up with him."

Miller said that he didn't even consider verbally committing. "I had decided that I wouldn't make a commitment before I went on the trip and I held to it. I really want to wait and take my trips, and commit on signing day, or close to signing day."

It was Miller's first official visit, with Michigan (Jan. 11th), USC (Jan. 18th), Oklahoma (Jan. 25th) and LSU (February 1st) still on his official visit schedule.

With his intentions to not make a commitment until signing day, does he think he can hold out? "I think I can do it," he said. "Most of the guys, the recruits, haven't made it this far. But I'm holding out. It's kind of hard. But I'm working on it. You'd like to get it over with, but I want to make sure I make the right decision. I'm really sure I'll take the next two visits. Let's see how I feel after those."

Miller said that USC is recruiting him the hardest. "They're giving me a lot of phone calls. During the contact period, when you could call as much as you want, they'd call me three times a week or more. And then their coach, Coach Walker, came to my school three times and spent a long time there, and then came to my house one time, too. It means a lot. It's sending a strong signal how much they want me."

When comparing that to how hard, in his mind, UCLA is recruiting him, Miller said: "UCLA has called, but not as much. During the contact period they maybe called twice a week. But it was mostly just to verify my visit. They've also been to my house twice. One time maybe two weeks before my visit, then last week right before my visit."

Miller said that USC has moved up in his mind, but that Oklahoma is probably second behind UCLA. "Oklahoma is one of the schools that has been at the top of my list for a while," Miller said. "Then they started showing interest, recruiting me hard like USC. If I wanted to leave home and go away, going to Oklahoma would let me leave the state."

He doesn't really have any big ties to LSU, but said he does have family in the area. "I did visit LSU one time over the spring for a leadership group. I don't really have a connection to the school, but I do have family down south. Oklahoma and LSU just seem like good programs. And when it comes to who's my favorite and who leads, really anything could change."

There are some ties to staying close to home, though. Miller's mother lives in Los Angeles and wants him to play in L.A. to be close to him, and Miller says that's a factor.

Miller has a 2.5 GPA. He's taken the ACT a couple of times and didn't pass. He said, though, that he hasn't combined the scores from each section of the two tests and that he might have a passing combined score. "But I think I still haven't passed and need a little more ways to go. I improved the second time I took it so I think I'll pass next time."

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