Wright Talks About His Choices

The #53-ranked player in the nation, 6-8 <b>Ryan Wright</b> from Mississauga (Ontario) Canada, spoke to us about his official visit to UCLA this last weekened, and what his current feelings are about the three schools he's still considering...

Ryan Wright, the 6-8 post from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada) Loyola Catholic, visited UCLA last weekend and had a very good review of the official visit.

"Everything was great. It was really, really good," Wright said. "I had been there before, but it was really good to see it with the students in class. I actually went to a class with (freshman point guard) Jordan Farmar, and that was cool. I met a lot of people, other than the basketball players, and they were great. The school is pretty excited about the team, and the new players coming in. If I went there, we could be pretty good, with all the young players coming in."

Two other recruits, Alfred Aboya and Luc Mbah a Moute, were on their official visits to UCLA at the same time. "Yeah, I really liked Alfred and Luc. We got along really well. We talked a lot. We played in a pick-up game Friday with some of the guys on the team, and Alfred and Luc are good. We'd be a very good recruiting class."

Wright said that the current players on the team – and those that he'll play with when he's at a program – are a big factor, and UCLA's situation he thought was good for him. "With guys like Farmar and Arron Afflalo, they're just one year older, so I'd play with them a while, and they're great. I like the older guys, too. And even though I wouldn't be playing with them, they talked to me a lot about their experiences at UCLA. They were straight-up with me, and that was really good."

Wright did decline to say he had a leader among the three schools he's considering – UCLA, Michigan State or Stanford.

Wright said, "It's so hard to pick a leader. I really don't want to choose right now. When I came back from my Michigan State trip I said Michigan State was the leader. The same kind of feeling happened with UCLA. But I'm learning that that's kind of how it is when you just come back from a visit. You really can see what that one school has over the other schools. So I'm visiting Stanford this weekend and I just want to wait until I see Stanford."

When it comes to Stanford, Wright said he'll be leaving Thursday for his official visit. "I'm definitely going. I haven't heard, though, whether I was accepted yet. I turned in my application. I talked to a Stanford coach a couple of days ago but I haven't heard from their academic advisors."

Tuesday was the last day he could entertain in-home visits and he said a couple of coaches came into his house for their final in-person appeals. "(Michigan State's Head Coach) Tom Izzo came here Tuesday, and (UCLA Head Coach) Ben Howland was here Monday."

Even though he hasn't taken his Stanford official visit yet, we asked him what appealed to him about each school.

Michigan State: "They have really, really good facilities. Great facilities. They're a team that's been good recently, making the tournament consistently, so you know you could keep winning there."

UCLA: "I think playing time is big at UCLA. It's big at the other two schools, but it's a bigger issue with UCLA. I wouldn't base my entire decision on it, but the fact that I could come in and play immediately is big. UCLA is kind of ahead of the other schools on playing time. We'd have a great team at UCLA. We'd have a chance to do really well with all the young guys coming in."

Stanford: "It's great academics. It's the school where it would be best for academics, and that's big. I'd also have a very good chance to win there, since they also have been really successful lately. They were just ranked #1 not too long ago. They also don't have a lot of new bigs on their roster, so playing time would be good there, too."

When asked when he thought he'd make a decision, Wright said, "When I get back from my Stanford trip, I don't think it will take too long. I should be able to decide within a couple of weeks, by the end of October definitely."

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