Two New UCLA Prospects

There are always some sleeper recruits out there, especially in sprawling Southern California. Two of them for the high school football class of 2005 are, in fact, brothers. They're starting to hear from the Pac-10, especially from UCLA...

Two new names on the football recruiting front for 2005 – are actually the same name.

The name is Agaiava.

They are Nathaniel Agaiava, the 6-3, 280-pound defensive tackle, and his brother, Daniel, the defensive end/linebacker that is 6-2 ½ and 238. Both play for Lynwood (Calif.) High.

The Agaiava brothers have been getting noticed by a few college football coaching staffs so far this fall, including UCLA.

‘Yeah, we've been getting recruited more lately," said Nathaniel. "I'm hearing from UCLA, Oregon, Washington and Arizona."

Daniel said his list is similar, but also added San Diego State.

In fact, two weeks ago when UCLA coaches were out evaluating, UCLA defensive line coach Don Johnson watched Lynwood and the Agaiava brothers play. "Yeah, I noticed he was there," Nathaniel said. "We talk a lot to Coach Johnson so it was good to see him there."

Neither Nathaniel or Daniel have a scholarship offer yet, but they say a few of the schools that have been recruiting them are indicating an offer is a definite possibility.

"We have a lot of schools calling now. We're hearing from schools about twice a day. Some of them have said they think they'd offer us," Nathaniel said. "UCLA just called and they're telling me that if I continue to play as well as I am, and I keep my grades up, they'll offer me after the season."

Brothers: DT Nathaniel Agaiava and LB/DE Daniel Agaiava.
Both Nathaniel and Daniel, who came to the States from Samoa just seven years ago, have UCLA as their current favorite. "UCLA has actually been recruiting me a long time," Daniel said. Nathaniel said, "I want to go to UCLA. It's close to home, a great location, and a great education. My parents want us to go to UCLA, too. I want to major in Marine Biology and they have a good program over there."

Daniel added, "If UCLA offered, I'd commit."

The Agaiava brothers plan on attending the UCLA game against Arizona Saturday at the Rose Bowl. "We're really looking forward to it," Nathaniel said.

Are they a package deal? Would they only go to a college that will take both of them? "That's what we want," Daniel said. "I want to definitely go together," Nathaniel said. "If it gets to the point where one school has offered one of us and not the other, I don't know what would happen. But we want to go together."

So far this season, the two brothers, who as of just seven years ago played rugby and not American football, said they're doing well. "Our team is only 1-3 so that's not good. I want to change that this weekend. But I think I'm playing well," said Daniel, who didn't know how many tackles he's had so far this season, but said he has 5 ½ sacks.

Nathaniel said his strength is his motor. "I never quit and I always want to win. I'm determined. Even if my team is down by 50, I want to come back. I don't care. I'll do whatever it takes to win."

The brothers also take that kind of determination into the classroom. Daniel said he has a 3.59 GPA and Nathaniel boasts a 3.9. "And that's in honors classes, too," Daniel said.

Both just recently took the SAT for the first time and have not received their scores.

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