Tuesday Practice

With a couple of players returning from injury, a few other players are beset with injuries Wednesday at practice, including another starting defensive lineman, who re-tweaked a knee he injured in the Arizona game...

Defensive end Justin Hickman injured his knee and sat out the majority of practice Tuesday. Head Coach Karl Dorrell said he'd be examined Wednesday, but that his status for Cal was unknown.

Dorrell said: "It's kind of a knee sprain right now and we're trying to get it calmed down. We'll have him get evaluated with the doctor and see what happens."

Middle linebacker Justin London worked with the first team Tuesday, as did center Mike McCloskey. As of right now, Dorrell is indicating that they both could start Saturday. London looked pretty mobile.

Receiver Craig Bragg, who is recovering from a separated shoulder, practiced lightly in a red, no-hit jersey and a harness on his shoulder. He will not play against Cal, but is shooting to return for the Arizona State game.

Freshman offensive tackle Chris Joseph injured his knee.

Defensive tackle C.J. Niusulu was apparent sick but did suit up.

Dorrell's comments:

"Kids are excited about this opportunity this weekend. It's going to be a fun weekend and good week of preparation getting ourselves ready to play a good football team and it will be a good measuring stick of what we need to accomplish and see where we're at as we move forward this season. So it was a good first practice on Tuesday, tomorrow we'll be in full pads ready to go physical day of work and put the plans in and we feel pretty good about where we're at."

On Bragg being in pads:

"Yeah, he looked good huh? Out there catching the ball again, we forgot what he looked like out there, it's been a few weeks. But he's still a ways away, so he at least another week away. But it's nice seeing him out there with pads and catching the ball. He still has some strength training to go but he's coming around nicely."

On a chance of him playing this week:

"No. I wish, but no. He's still not that strong right now so he has to build up some strength. He's heeling properly but he still needs another week of strength training."

On Justin London:

"He practiced today. He's not a 100% still. He's still making it through practices and he wants to play badly and we will just keep him practicing and see what he will do Saturday. He will play some and how much he will play we don't know for sure. But he will play and get him in the fold."

On watching the Cal/USC game:

"We had a chance to watch it. It was a very good football game. Good execution on Cal's part, great execution on USC's part, given some opportunities to put some points on the board. It was a very close game, a very good game."

On whether the Cal game could give UCLA respect nationwide:

"I'm not concerned about nationwide, we're concerned with building UCLA where it should be. We're off to a pretty decent start and fortunate enough to win some games. The guys are building confidence with themselves and this is just a great challenge and measuring stick to see where we are at as a young football team. We're a young team and we need to get better week in and week out and this is a very experienced Cal football team. It's a solid team that does things well on defense and does things well on offense, and they do some great things and its going to be a great challenge for us."

On whether he's pleased with the progress this season:

"I am pleased with the progress we've made. We've made some progress pretty extensively since the first game. Are we a finished product yet? No. We're still young in some areas and need to improve in some areas both on offense and defense. But those things will continue to get better as we continue to move forward."

On McCloskey:

"He looked good, we had him do all the individual drills and a little bit of teamwork and that's all we wanted him to do today and he'll be doing a little more tomorrow. But it looks like he'll be ready to go on Saturday."

On Jason Harrison and his first time running the ball in the Arizona game in a while:

"He's done a nice job with an injury that in most cases would be a career-ending injury. He's work real hard to get back to the position that he's at. He and Keith Carter had those types of career-ending injuries and both are playing and being productive for us. My hat is off to both of them. They worked really hard to get themselves back and it couldn't be nicer for them to end their careers they way they wanted to."

More on Hickman:

"Hickman tweaked his knee, and it's an injury he tweaked in the game and he re-tweaked it today so we backed off him and put some ice on it."

On other injuries:

"Another guy who tweaked his knee is Chris Joseph but we don't think its anything serious. Bruce Davis has a slight groin pull."

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