UCLA Gets A Pair Of Twin LB Recruits

UCLA goes down to the Lone Star State to get a pair of linebacker commits in twin brothers Korey Miller and Kyle Miller, the nephews of former Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth.

UCLA went back to an old familiar place to get its two most recent commitments, heading to the Lone Star State to get Plano (Texas) West linebackers Kyle Miller (6-2, 215) and Korey Miller (6-2, 218).

The twin brothers camped in Westwood this summer, and when UCLA offered them as a package, the brothers knew UCLA was the place for them.

"I'm real excited. I didn't know what to say once we committed," said Kyle. "We both knew we were going to play together in college, and it was a mutual agreement that UCLA was the place. The coaches there are different from what we've seen other places. There was this great atmosphere there, and we knew they needed some linebackers and were hurting there. It was the place we fit."

Korey echoed the sentiments, and the idea of playing with his brother was always an important factor for him.

"Schools that offered us together got a lot of consideration. Kyle and I feed off each other and we wanted to find the best school that would allow us to play together. UCLA fits that and fits us. They were willing to offer both of us, and that was something we really wanted."

The nephews of former Oklahoma All-American and Butkus Award winner Brian Bosworth, the Millers said their uncle was thrilled when hearing they were coming out West. Ironically, Bosworth made some memorable yet unfavorable comments about the Bruins before a game between the Sooners and UCLA back in the 1980's.

"I know he said something about UCLA being a bunch of powder blue wearing sissies. When I talked to him, he said ‘Well, I guess I was wrong. They don't recruit sissies. I have to take back what I said," said Korey. "When we play Oklahoma next year, there will be some words exchanged with him."

When asked the kind of influence that Bosworth had on them, Kyle said it was extremely positive.

"He was one of the best to play. But he always kept us even. He's excited that we're coming out there. We'll be close to him, and we can go see him if we need to."

Korey went as far as to say he could mimic some of Bosworth's more colorful antics.

"I don't know about the headbands, but I'll probably write the names of the opposing coaches on my shoes like he did."

At the Nike Camps this past summer, Korey ran a 4.7 forty, jumped 29 inches and had a 4.25 shuttle. Kyle ran a 4.7 as well, jumped 28 inches, and had the fastest shuttle time of all the linebackers, a 4.03.

On the season, both Korey and Kyle have racked up over 70 tackles, although they were unclear on how many sacks they each had. Both finished with over 100 tackles in 2003.

The two are planning to take their trip to UCLA the first weekend of December, when the Bruins host USC. However, if the State Playoffs still include them, they will change it.

"We're 7-1 this year, and we've never been to the playoffs. Our school is only five years old. We want to get in the playoffs and not leave," said Kyle.

Both excellent students, the chance to get a top-notch education, plus play at a place like the Rose Bowl was too good to pass up.

Kyle has a 3.58 GPA and scored a 1260 on his SAT as well as a 25 on the ACT, while Korey has a 3.7 GPA and scored a 1230 on his SAT with a 26 on the ACT. Both were recruited by Stanford, but felt UCLA was right for them.

They also had offers from Kansas, Iowa State, Louisiana Tech, Wyoming, Utah, Army, Navy and Air Force.

"We take our academics seriously, and our academic standing and the academic standing of the school we choose was something we both knew was important," said Korey.

Neither had any negatives about not hearing from the Texas schools, saying California was just as good a place to play as Texas.

"They say Texas is all hard-nose football, and California is more flash. Well, we'll just bring some Texas attitude to California," said Kyle.

The commitment also was bittersweet for their mother, the sister of Bosworth.

"She's real excited for us. She's a single mom and had to put our sister through college, so for us to be able to earn a scholarship for each of us makes it easy on her. But she's a mom too, and she was crying and said she was going to miss us," said Kyle. "My uncle has a guest house though, and she can always stay there."

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