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Quarterback <b>Drew Olson</b> talks about his performance against Arizona State, and tight end <b>Marcedes Lewis</b> discusses the different atttitude with this year's team compared to last year...

Quarterback Drew Olson talks about his performance against Arizona State:

What'd you learn from watching the tape?

"On those four picks, I just thought I could get the ball into those spots. I don't know if I had too much confidence, feeling I could compete everything. It was almost trying to make the play too much, forcing it into spots. I shouldn't even have been throwing all four of those spots. When I threw them I knew they weren't open, but I still went ahead and tried to make the play. And that's not the right answer."

Did it damage your confidence at all?

"No. No way. I felt like that was my best college game, besides four throws. By far. I felt more confident than ever. I felt I could have completed everything. It was probably my best game statistically. I made almost all the right reads, except for those four plays. Overall it was a good game. Those four picks are a huge problem, and something to deal with. I haven't really been throwing many this year. Many of them were deflected. It was kind of weird, when I was on the sidelines, after completing balls, and feeling good. All of a sudden I make an airhead mistake and throw it to other team. Those are probably why we lost the game. You just have to learn from them and keep going. I'll continue to play with the same confidence, if not more."

In those four situations, what should you have done?

"Either get it to a back, or try to run. Try to find someone else, or try to run. Even a sack is better than a pick."

You think now that there wasn't a play there on all four of those throws?

"Not really. Maybe on the first one in the endzone, if I put a little air on it. I kind of threw a line drive. That might have been the only one. Other than that, I don't think there was much open on those."

Tight end Marcedes Lewis comments:

What's the mood after Saturday's game?

"I think Sunday I was feeling a little hurt from the loss. We went out there and tried hard. We just came up short for the game. But it's now all behind me. We just have to get ready to get there, practice hard, and win another game on Saturday."

Is a loss like that more difficult to come back from than getting blown out?

"I don't think so, given the fact that ASU was a really good team. They were 5-1 for a reason. We just fell short. There were a lot of high points in that game that we can learn from. I doubt if we'll lose a game this season."

Do you know you play USC?

"Oh, yeah. I'm not really worried about them right now. We'll be ready when it's that time."

So, are you predicting you're going to win every remaining game?

"No. That's not what I meant. I mean that that's our attitude. We're going to stay focused and stay together. We should be fine. We lose a heartbreaker to Cal, go to Arizona State, go up, and then lose. Those are probably two of the best teams in the Pac-10 right now, besides USC. We really made some accomplishments in those games that we can build on. So basically what I mean is that it's an attitude. Last year toward the end of the year, a lot of guys were like, 'What are we playing for?' This year the attitude of the team is that we want to win every game down the road."

What kind of accomplishments do you see in those games?

"In the Arizona State game, the defense did pretty well stopping the run. The big plays hurt us. Special teams is really coming along. I think this next game the offense, defense and special teams will be clicking in all areas."

Does a game like the ASU game bring the team together?

"Oh, yeah. I think this team is learning how to win right now. First you lose, and then you lose close. But now we'll find a way to win the close games. That was a real learning experience on Saturday."

What's the difference playing in this offense as opposed to a year ago?

"Last year, it was the West Coast Offense, but we weren't running it right. Everybody really likes this offense better. This year the coaches have us out there doing what we're supposed to do. It was learning the system, and everybody is more comfortable with it now. We're putting up good numbers. We're not down about the offense. But we're learning."

Is it frustrating watching the defense struggle?

"I think it's frustrating, but it's not all on the defense. Sometimes the offense is out there and we shouldn't be worried about the defense stopping the other team's offense. We have to score every time we're out there. That's how we look at it. If the defense stops them, that's good. We love that. But the offense feels we're supposed to take care of business and get points every time we're on the field. Sometimes we feel we let down the defense We're learning how to work together. We'll get it right."

What's the difference in attitude between this second half of the season and last year's?

"The difference is everybody still feels we have things to play for. Last year there were a lot of people who had given up. There were a lot of bad attitudes in the locker room. I think everybody as a team now, we realize it's not over. We control our own destiny. We're going to keep working hard. Everybody is upbeat. Nobody is down or feeling sad. We should be good."

What kind of strides have you made personally in your game?

"I think I'm getting better every week. I'm getting more comfortable every week. With the coaching I'm getting, I'm just trying to absorb it all, and take flight. I think my blocking has really taken off this year. Getting the proper coaching, and learning how to position myself for blocks, and just working hard, and not giving up on a play. That's helped me a lot this year. The receiving takes care of itself. The blocking is what a lot of people have questioned, whether I could block or not. But this year I think I've been doing a very good job of blocking. Doing that well, it's just as good to me as catching a ball."

You still have confidence in Drew Olson?

"Everybody is real confident in Drew. Last game, yeah, he threw some interceptions, but he's the leader of the team. Everybody is still behind him. We want him to know that he is the leader. We're in this thing with him. I think he's grown a lot. He's more patient. And I can see that, in practice and in the games. I think he knows that too. We depend on him. I think he'll have a much better game next week."

Did you like the offense throwing 40 to 45 times a game? Or do you think that number needs to come down a little bit?

"Whatever it needs to be for us to win, it should be that. I'm not a coach. I can't tell you we're throwing too much or not running enough. So I don't know."

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