Paulsen Still Has UCLA Ahead

<b>Logan Paulsen</b> the 6-5 tight end/defensive end from West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade, still has the Bruins leading, even though he says there is another Pac-10 school "not that far behind"...

Tight end/defensive end Logan Paulsen (6-5, 225, 4.75) says UCLA leads slightly over Stanford and Duke.

The youngster from West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade says, "I just know UCLA so well. I really enjoy talking with the coaching staff and they have a beautiful campus. I also know the area around the university very well. I could get a good education at UCLA too.

"They have really utilized tight end Marcedes Lewis a lot. I want to be a playmaker there and they are giving their tight ends a lot of opportunities…that is very exciting for me.

"Stanford offers a great education--it's one of the top ones in the country. They are a bit farther away than UCLA, which makes them a little less appealing, but they are not that far behind UCLA at all. They have really turned their program around this year. I liked how competitive they were against USC, and their record is reflecting their turnaround within the program.

"I realize that I need a 1250 on my SATs in order to qualify for Stanford. I'd say that getting that kind of score is a personal record for me. If I were to not get that score and I don't qualify to get into Stanford, it would definitely lower my interest in them. But I'll keep taking the SAT until I reach the deadline where I cannot.

"Duke is the one school that is showing me the most interest. I talk with my recruiting coach there once a week, and at least for 15 minutes. They have extreme interest in me and that is a major positive about the program. The interest of the coaches is a big part of a school that is recruiting. They also said they would allow me to play DE." Other offers include Oregon, Washington State, Arizona, Syracuse, Boston College and San Diego State. Paulsen is ranked the #14 TE in the country by

Paulsen will officially visit Duke, Stanford and Oregon, with no dates set. "I'm really torn on where I want to take my official visits, especially to the schools that I've already visited," Paulsen said. "UCLA is a great example because I've been there so many times. However, I don't want UCLA to think that I'm disinterested in them if I don't go there for an official visit. I just want to go to visit places that I'm interested in going."

So far in his senior year for 6-1 Chaminade Paulsen has 321 yards and one touchdown on offense, and 20+ tackles and 8 sacks on defense.

He has a 3.5 GPA and scored an 1150 on the SAT.

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