Interview With Trey Brown

The redshirt freshman cornerback, <b>Trey Brown</b>, talks about starting this week for the first time in his career, and also the advice he's getting from his father, former UCLA great Theotis Brown...

Trey Brown, the redshirt freshman cornerback, played a big portion of the Arizona State game, getting an interception while also getting beat on a touchdown.

So, what do you think about playing so much against Arizona State?

"At Arizona State, I wanted to compete and get the win. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. We have to take what happened there and use it as a learning process, and take it with us to the next game and for the rest of the season."

Did any of the coaches indicate that you could play that much against Arizona State, or was it a shock to you?

"I can't ever look at it as a shock, because you have to be ready and focused. They told me to be ready, but I'm ready for each game. Your job is to remained focused when you're not in so that if your number is called you're ready to go. That's basically what happened. When my name got called, I was ready to go out there and perform."

But did they tell you that you were going to play?

"Yeah, they said I'd get a chance to play. Depending on how the game goes, you always want to be ready."

What happened on the one play when you were beat for the touchdown?

"I made a mistake out there. I took my eyes off my man a little bit. And that just opened up a seam for him to get deep, when I bit on the hitch. But I have to take that as a learning process, make sure it doesn't happen in future games, and build on it."

Are you going to be pretty aware of that now?

"I'm looking for everything. I'm going to try to make sure that doesn't happen again. I watched it on film, took what I learned from that and go on from there. I have to now put that play behind me and go on."

How do you think you played overall in that game?

"There were some things that I thought I did well. There were some things I know I can correct myself on. I thought I played a pretty good game. There are some things I'd like to do better.  Watching it on film you really learn from it. So hopefully I'll now be able to go out there and fix those mistakes."

Talk a bit about your interception...

"It's always good to go out there and make a big play for the defense. On that play, I was in zone, and I just made a good read on the quarterback and broke, and picked off the ball. It's really good to go out there and make plays like that."

Is it a different process or feeling when you know you're going to start this week?

"No. To be honest, I take every game like I was starting. If I'm not really going to be the starter, I prepare like I think my name is going to be called. The only difference is now I'll be starting. But I'll be as ready as I am in any other game."

Were you expecting to get this much playing time this early in your UCLA career?

"Yeah, that's what everyone always wants to do. I had big goals for myself. I wanted to come in and play as soon as possible. So now that I have this chance I want to take advantage of it. I want to continue to make plays and help out the team."

In the last two years did you ever have doubts about coming out to UCLA from Kansas?

"No way. Never. I was born a Bruin. Both my parents went here. It's always a pleasure to be out here in L.A., in the warm weather. I knew I wanted to come out here and play. That really all there was to it."

Did you talk to your dad (former UCLA great Theotis Brown) after the Arizona State game?

"I talked to him after every game. He'll tell me, 'Good job,' and stuff. But he wants to correct little things I messed up on. He's like a coach to me, as well as a father. I take what I get from him and learn from that. He was excited about me getting out there and being able to make some plays. So it was all good."

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