Beall: "Weird Situation" With Stanford

The offensive line prospect from Washington, David Beall, cancels an official visit, but is mostly trying to sort out the situation with Stanford after the Cardinal lost its head coach to Notre Dame. Will UCLA step into the void?

David Beall, 6-6, 300, Vancouver (Wash.) Mountain View, has cancelled his visit to Oregon State this weekend.

"I felt I needed to narrow my choices and get closer to making a decision," Beall said. "So, it's between UCLA, Washington and Stanford."

Beall, though, said that his opinion of Stanford, which now doesn't have a head coach, are up in the air. In the past Beall has said that Stanford was his leader, but he denies that now. "Right now with the coaching change I don't know about Stanford. UCLA and UDub might have the advantage right now," he said.

The big offensive line prospect said he's been in contact with Stanford since its head coach, Tyrone Willingham, accepted the Notre Dame head coaching position, in an attempt to sort out the situation, and the situation with his Stanford official visit, which was scheduled for January 11th. "I've talked to one of their recruiting guys and their O-line coach. The O-line coach said he's going to Notre Dame and wondered if I'd want to come along. I told him no, that I want to stay in the Pac-10. Their recruiting guy told me they're going to have a head coach soon, but I didn't find out who he thought it would be. They had a big recruiting weekend for the 11th planned, but if they don't get a coach by then, he didn't know if they'd reschedule it. If they don't get a coach by the 11th, I'm going to probably push the trip back to the 18th."

Beall has already visited Washington (11/30) and UCLA (12/1).

Beall indicated basically Stanford's recruiting of him is a "very weird situation" right now, and he didn't know just how long he'd be able to postpone his decision. "I'd like to hold out before making the decision to see what happens with Stanford. But I'm looking forward to getting decision over with. That's why I cancelled the trip to Oregon State. [Recruiting] has been long enough. I'm going to be very glad when signing day comes."

When asked how much of a factor it is who Stanford hires as its head coach, Beall said, "That's the thing. I don't know too many coaches outside of the ones that have recruited me over the past year." When asked if it would almost be as if Stanford had to start over in recruiting him, Beall answered, "Yeah." When asked if Stanford would have to make up quite a bit of ground, Beall said, "Yeah."

It might logically follow then that Beall might turn to the program closer to home, given how uncertainties in college football like coaching changes could make you want to be close to the support of your family. Beall is from Washington, so Stanford's situation, you might think, could make him turn toward Washington. But Beall said, "Being closer to home is not a factor. I happen to really like California. It's a great change of pace. Washington and UCLA both have their pluses and minuses."

Beall said he hopes have the recruiting situation with Stanford sorted out soon, be able to take his Stanford trip in the next couple of weeks and then make a decision soon after that.

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