Ben Olson Talks After Game

As everyone who isn't living in a cave knows, <b>Ben Olson</b> attended the UCLA/Washington State game Saturday, and we caught up with him for a reaction...

We caught up with Ben Olson after he attended the UCLA game on Saturday for a few quick questions.

How are you feeling right now about recruiting?

"I'm going to evaluate and look at the position I'm in right now. As you know, I'm looking at all of my options, and not excluding anyone right now. UCLA has a lot to offer. It was fun to come down here to this game. Right now, I'm just taking my time, taking everything in, and we'll see what happens."

Is there a timetable for a decision?

'Not really, now. I'm trying to take my time. I committed early out of high school and I think I'm going to take a little different approach this go-around. Right now I haven't really set a timetable. I'm just trying to take everything in. I just got home on Monday, so I'm just trying to adjust to normal, civilian life right now."

Would being able to start early be appealing?

"It's very appealing. I think any player looks at the depth chart, and looks at their window of opportunity. At some schools that window might open up earlier than at others. That's definitely very intriguing about UCLA. It's a positive."

Did you see anything at the game today that would influence your decision?

"I was impressed. UCLA got down first, but they kept fighting. That's what you like. You like a team that doesn't give up. That's definitely a positive in my book."

Has it been overwhelming, making the transition back to normal life?

"It's been pretty overwhelming. The last town where I was in Canada was only 3,500 people. So I came home to Southern California and driving on the freeways was a bit overwhelming. But I think I'm getting used to it again now."

How much will it impact your decision that you grew up a UCLA fan and it's the hometown school?

"I think it does. UCLA is close to home. It's a place that offers both quality academics and quality athletics, so that's very important to me. UCLA being close to home is definitely a positive."

Do your parents want you to stay close?

"They're supportive of whatever. They've said they'll support me in whatever decision I make. I was in Canada for two years so I don't think I can get much further. Right now, that's kind of the approach I'm taking. They really don't have a preference."

Do you prefer a school that has warm weather?

"I like the warm weather. Actually, when I got off the plane (arriving here), I started sweating. It's definitely a good adjustment to get back into the warm weather."

Have you decided on official visits?

"I really haven't completely decided at this point. I'm thinking about taking a visit here to UCLA, and then a couple other visits, maybe back east, with some of those schools. Maybe Miami and LSU. And also maybe Oregon and Arizona State. Right now, I'm just taking all of it in, just trying to make the decision that's best for me."

When do you intend to enroll at the school you choose?

"I'll enroll in January, so I'll be in a position to compete in spring ball."

How much do you weigh?

"About 235 right now."

What would you say is your playing weight?

"Probably 235.  I might be just a little soft. I have to get back into shape. But that will come in time. I went out and threw with my high school football team, and my arm's as strong as it's ever been. It's just not as strong for as long. So I need to get the stamina back."

Is your timing a long ways away?

"No. I was encouraged by what I was able to do out there. I'm definitely excited to be back, and put my cleats back on and get back on the football field."

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