Tuesday Practice News and Notes

The Bruins are a bit beat up, with four offensive starters sitting out practice Tuesday for various ailments. Head Coach Karl Dorrell comments about the injuries and practice...

The team practiced in shells Tuesday.

Injuries were a main concern.

Starting center Mike McCloskey ran around the field during practice, but did not participate.   He missed the Washington State game due to a concussion.

Running back Maurice Drew sat out practice due to his ankle sprain.

Tight end Marcedes Lewis spent practice on an exercise bike, due to his bruised tail bone.

Starting offensive tackle Ed Blanton didn't participate in practice due to a concussion he suffered in the WSU game. Freshman back-up linebacker Fred Holmes and sophomore defensive back Mil'Von James also suffered concussions and didn't practice.

With Blanton out, Steven Vieira took reps at the weakside tackle position. Robert Cleary then filled in at Vieira's weakside guard position with the ones.

Linebacker Spencer Havner injured his right hand, and wore a small, hard cast over it during the WSU game, as he did in practice Tuesday. He very well could have broken a bone in the hand. In addition, he injured his left hand in practice Tuesday also.

Marcus Everett, the freshman wide receiver, said he very well could consider playing basketball this season.  "Yeah, I saw in the paper where Cedric Bozeman is out for the year," Everett said. "I thought I might play next year, but this year they'll only have one point guard. So I'll probably talk to Coach (Ben) Howland after the football season about it."

More details on the status of the injured in the comments of Head Coach Karl Dorrell below.

"Would you be surprised if I said we had a good practice? Because you shouldn't. We did, we had a good practice. The one thing this team has done, whenever they've had a disappointment or a bad game, they've responded very well.  We had a very good Tuesday practice, considering putting in 60% of your game plan and then practicing with the effort that's needed to get that type of execution. It was nice to see these guys kind of roll back and get themselves back on solid ground. I'm really happy with what we did today. We had a good week of practice last week, though. So it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to translate into anything other than it gives us an opportunity to keep improving. So we're real happy with our progress today. We put last week's game behind us and moved forward with a great challenge this week."

How did the players respond?

"Sometimes it's good to just get back on the field, and keep moving forward, and keep doing the things you enjoy coaching and playing, and getting yourself back with another opportunity to win a football game. I think it was refreshing for them to just get back to work. To put the last one behind them and just think about Oregon, and the things we have to do to go up there to win a football game."

What's the status of Ed Blanton?

"He has a mild concussion that he sustained in the game. He's still listed day to day. He's better today. He couldn't do any exertion in terms of physical activity, so he'll probably start doing that tomorrow. He has to clear our protocol for concussions. He probably will not practice tomorrow. He'll probably do what you saw McCloskey do today."

How about Maurice Drew?

"He's listed as day to day. His ankle is getting a lot better. We keep him in that contraption (the boot) to keep him from putting too much pressure on it, but the swelling is going down. It's not as significant a sprain as we thought it was. We think he has a chance to do something later in the week. We'll see."

How about McCloskey?

"McCloskey will be cleared to practice tomorrow. He did some running and conditioning today and be out to do some stuff tomorrow."


"He'll be out and running around tomorrow. The doctor wanted him to have one more day of rest. He's walking a whole lot better. He still has a little bit of a stiff back. He ought to be ready to go in a few days. He won't have contact tomorrow."

Is there a sense of urgency to win this game?

"It is important. This is a key game. There is no game more important right now in our season than this game. So there is a sense of urgency with a lot of respects. One, we lost a game last week, and we'd love to get back to feeling good about ourselves again. And two, we only have two games left. For us, to have an opportunity to do something in the post-season begins with this game. It's the best opportunity you have, the one right in front of you."

Is Chris Horton out for this week?

"Yeah, he's still in the boot. He's been in the boot for the last three or four weeks. He's had a more significant injury. It's a mid-foot sprain. When I was at Colorado and Kordell Stewart had one of those his sophomore year, he missed almost the whole season because of it. The likelihood of being back this season is probably 50-50 at best."

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