Ben Olson Talks About ASU Visit

Quarterback <B>Ben Olson</B>, who returned from a Mormon mission to be one of the most-sought prospects in the nation, took an official visit to Arizona State last weekend. He talks about it, and gives us an overall update on his recruiting...

Ben Olson took an official visit to Arizona State last weekend, and said he had a very good time on the visit.

"The trip was really good," Olson said. "The trips definitely are informative. I learned a lot about Arizona State that I didn't know. I got to see how the coaches and players interact. I met a lot of the players, and I got a feel for the way they are. It was my first time even in the state of Arizona. So, it was kind of a learning experience, to go to see what the state and ASU are all about."

Olson said he has made definite plans for one more official visit so far, to UCLA for the weekend of the USC game, November 6th.

He said he wanted to try to officially visit California this weekend for the Big Game against Stanford, but he hadn't made those plans with the Cal staff. "That might happen, but it's not for sure," Olson said. Having originally planned to visit Oregon officially last weekend, he said he also wanted to now arrange a visit to Oregon for sometime in December. "That's not for sure yet either."

When asked if he could officially visit any other schools, Olson said, "I could maybe go out to Miami, LSU, or even Michigan, but I don't know."

Even though Olson has only taken a total of two official visits in his two recruiting experiences (he only visited BYU as a high school senior), he said the official visits can be draining.

"You get up early in the morning and go to bed late," he said. "It's a whirlwind. I'm still recovering from the Arizona State visit."

Could that maybe keep him from taking many visits? "Yeah, it actually could," he said.

Also draining, Olson said, was the overall recruiting experience this time around. After spending 22-months on a Mormon mission, where he spent most of his time in a small, remote town in Alberta, Canada, he said the recruiting process has been pretty overwhelming since his return. "It's definitely more hectic this time. I don't know why. But to return to home to it, it's been wild. When I first got home, I had so many phone messages I just didn't talk to anyone for the first few days. I mean, they're doing a story in Sports Illustrated on me this time, so it does seem like it's more hectic this time."

To balance the hectic recruiting, Olson is taking it a bit slowly. He said every day he gets up about 7:30 in the morning and works out until about 11:30. "Then, I eat lunch and go out in the afternoon and play golf."

He then said he returns home to a long list of phone messages.

While he said he might not see himself taking all of his official visits, he did say how helpful the official visits are in getting to know the programs. "I'm just still gathering information, and on my first official visit, to ASU, I really did learn a lot, about their offense, the way they throw the ball downfield. I even met Jake Plummer, and I got to talk to him about his experiences, in college and the NFL. So the trips will definitely help me get to know the programs and help to figure out some stuff."

When asked if he could see himself at ASU, Olson said: "I think so. I see myself in the Pac-10. It'd be a good feeling to be close to home, at ASU as well as UCLA, Cal or Oregon. I don't think I want to go too far away."

When asked about his two unofficial visits to UCLA – one to the WSU game and the other to campus last week – Olson spoke positively. He said that UCLA beating Oregon wouldn't have a real impact on his decision, but that he was "glad to see that they did well and got the win."

On visiting UCLA's campus last week: "I went out and watched their practice. It was really fun. I got to hang out with some of the guys I've known over the years, like Drew Olson and Marcedes Lewis, and couple other guys. I met with the coaches, with coach (Karl) Dorrell, coach (Tom) Cable, and (quarterbacks) coach (Jim) Svoboda. I went to the quarterbacks meetings. I have to say, having Drew there is a huge plus. Having such a good relationship with one of my fellow position mates and teammates would definitely be a positive. Drew and I are going to get together and play some golf soon. I heard he's really good, though."

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