Update from Monday's Practice

The Bruins are getting healthier, and starting to put in their game plan against USC. Here are comments from Head Coach <b>Karl Dorrell</b> and recovering running back <b>Maurice Drew</b> after Monday's practice...

Running back Maurice Drew and tight end Marcedes Lewis participated in practice.

Back-up linebacker Ben Lorier participated, but wore a red, no-hit jersey.

Comments from Head Coach Karl Dorrell:

"It was a good practice today. We started our game plan, and are getting ourselves ready for a game in a couple of weeks. We have some time to get some of our planning stages together. We started today and we're going to finish up by the end of this week with 60% or 70% of our plan done, and hopefully clean things up again going into next week. We're off to a pretty good start."

Did Maurice Drew practice today?

"Maurice practiced some today.  He didn't practice a lot of reps today. He looked pretty good running around, but we didn't want him to run too much. He ran the sprints at the end of practice. He still has a little bit of a gimp, but he looks a lot better than he did last week."

You don't think Maurice could get further injure it, practicing while he's still not 100%?

"No. The swelling's down. If anything, the soreness he's feeling is probably scar tissue, from just the healing process. He has to continue to work it and strengthen it. We anticipate him being ready to go next week."

With the time off, is it beneficial or detrimental?

"We're in the mindset that we're going to benefit from it. We're going to get some health back, and continue to work on the fundamentals. We can't do much scrimmaging at this point in the year. But we're going to continue to practice at as fast a pace as we can to keep a game feeling. The biggest benefit is getting our health back. I think that's going to help us in the long run."

How's Jarrad Page?

"He has a slight hamstring injury. He did some running earlier today. He'll be fine."

When will the game planning be complete?

"It won't be complete until sometime next week. We just started just doing the basic elements of what we're trying to do offensively, defensively and with special teams. We'll continue to work on those things, and tweak things here, and change things there, and try to figure out what's best for us to be successful. But we're in no hurry. We have time to get the plan together. We just started doing the basic elements of it today."

Comments from Maurice Drew:

"In practice, at the beginning it (the ankle) felt good. But then after a period like with special teams it got really cold so it got stiff. I guess I need to try to keep it warm from now on."

How do you do that?

"Keep running, I guess."

It was stiff?

"Yeah, it like tightened up a little bit. It's getting better. I can run on it now without limping. I just need to keep it warm. So we'll see."

Are you trying not to cut too much?

"No, I can cut. I can do it all. I just need to keep it warm. It's real cold out here. My body tightens up.  Then it got reallly stiff so they told me to sit out."

The swelling is down?

"There is no more swelling at all. It's just trying to get the strength back into and get 100% now."

How good does it feel to get back out and practice?

"Oh, it was fun, just to come back out here and run around. Most of the time, guys dread practice. But when you're out for a little bit, and you see everybody working, you want to get back."

You dread practice?

"Practice is one of the toughest things I've ever done. It's tougher than the games sometimes. That's how you want to practice. It's not the hitting, just all the running."

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