Nixon Post Washington-Trip

The athlete from Arizona, Mike Nixon, talks about how he feels after his trip to Washington last weekend. Is UCLA still his leader heading into his trip to Westwood this weekend?

Mike Nixon, 6-2, 200, Tucson (Ariz.) Sunnyside, said his trip to Washington last weekend went "real well" but he didn't consider committing.

"Their coaches did a nice job," he said. "End to end, the trip was real fun. But UCLA has been my leader from the beginning. As much as I was impressed with Washinton, I'm really looking forward to my UCLA trip this weekend."

Nixon said the Washington coaches didn't even attempt to get him to commit on his trip to Seattle. "I heard Coach Neuheisel might do that, but he didn't at all. I think they know that I'm planning on taking my UCLA trip before making my decision and they respected that. So, I was impressed they didn't push."

Nixon has also visited Arizona State, and has Stanford set for January 18th and Notre Dame for the 25th. "As far as I know, I'm still set to visit Stanford. With the new coaches I'm still kind of waiting to hear. I'm not really sure, but I'll see if I'm going on it. I'm not sure if I will anyway. With Notre Dame, the guy who was recruiting me isn't being held on. So, I'm waiting on that, too. But I'd say a trip there looks unlikely."

The safety/athlete has said in the past that if everything was right for his UCLA trip, he could verbally commit, and he hasn't changed his opinion. "If it goes well, I could commit. I'd probably want to maybe wait and make a decision that week. Coach Neuheisel is scheduled to come in to my house next week. I could possibly wait until after that."

It sounds like Washington has made up some ground since Nixon had said that Arizona State was probably his second choice behind UCLA. "UCLA still has a little bit of a lead, but Washington has closed the gap. After the trip, I was impressed. It's almost up there with UCLA. ASU is now third, probably. Right now it's UCLA and Washington. I don't want to rule out anything, but it looks like it's going to come down to those two."

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