Update On Ben Olson's Plans

<b>Ben Olson</b>, the 6-5 quarterback prospect who has come back from his Mormon Mission to probably be the #1 recruiting target in the country, will have a whirlwind next three weeks if he does everthing he intends...

We checked in with Ben Olson today, and got the latest on where he stands in his recruitment.

He already visited Arizona State officially, but doesn't have any other official visits arranged at this point. He had a visit to UCLA arranged for the weekend of the USC game (December 4th) but he had to postpone it.

"I really wanted to go but I have friends coming in from out of town that weekend. So, I'll just go to the game as a guest," he said. "I'm also going to go to UCLA's practice tomorrow (Wednesday)."

He's trying to arrange a visit to Oregon for the weekend of December 10th. "That's the weekend I'm shooting for, but we're still working out the dates," Olson said.

He then said he'll try to take a visit mid-week to UCLA and possibly to Cal. "I'm definitely going to visit UCLA. Mid-week might be a good idea."

Olson also didn't rule out the possibility of a fifth official visit. "I could go back east and visit," Olson said. "Maybe to LSU or Miami. And South Carolina just called. Coach (Steve) Spurrier called my high school coach and I now have his number and have to call him back. I think it's interesting that they just started recruiting me two days ago."

With so many potential visits on the agenda, it would usually take a considerable amount of time for a typical recruit, but Olson is not a typical recruit. He said, "I'm not going to school or anything, so I can go mid-week. I'm going to try to get in that visit to UCLA mid-week, maybe the first week in December, and the Cal visit, too. I could take three visits in a week and get them all out of the way."

Any reason why he'd want to do that?

"I want to get this all done by mid-December," he said. "That's for sure."

Of course, Olson has kept it pretty close to the vest if he's leaning in any particular direction, but he did give us some hints: "I'd probably couldn't say I have a leader. There are a couple of schools I really like right now. I'm pretty sure I'll ultimately end up in the Pac-10. And it would sure be nice to be close to home."

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