Football Update

Head Coach <b>Karl Dorrell</b> provides us an update from football practice Wednesday, talking about the injured, particulary the hamstring injury of <b>Jarrad Page</b>, and the three weeks off between games...

The Bruins will have a short, light practice Thursday morning, and then go home for Thanksgiving. They'll return to practice Monday.

Head Coach Karl Dorrell comments after practice Tuesday:

"What do you have for me? I'm like a broken record. There's nothing else I can tell you right now."

How about an injury update? Jarrad Page?

"Jarrad practiced today and looked pretty good. He wanted to do more than I wanted him to do. So I pulled him out of certain things. He wanted to have a full practice. His hamstring is healing and he's doing pretty well. I think he' was trying to do too much, but he looked good today. Maurice Drew practiced. He's still a little bit gimpy, but we anticipate that will go away in a few days the more he gets going."

Is Marcedes Lewis practicing fully?

"He's practicing, but I don't know if he's full. He's probably about 80% to 85%. But he's getting better. We anticipate everybody being ready to go and being full speed by Monday. That will be here shortly."

How about Chris Horton?

"Horton is running. But I'd still say the likelihood for this game is not good. He might be if we go to a bowl."

Halfway through this long layoff, are you happy with what you've been able to do?

"We're making steps forward. We won't necessarily won't be happy unless we have a great outcome, which we're anticipating. You never know. But we think it's going to help us with our health, for one, in getting some guys back. You're always concerned whether you're losing the rhythm of your season. We'll see. We've done some things to improve offensively and defensively, and it gives us a chance to get some guys more settled in some areas. We feel good where we are at this point."

Having so much time to scout USC, there probably won't be much that they throw at you that will shock you...

"They're a good football team. They're going to do what they do. You're not going to see much difference in what we do as well. You don't put in ten weeks of what you do offensively and defensively, and change everything for one particular game. You put so much time into who you are. We're still going to be who we are. We're just working at being better at doing the things that we do."

How about Marcedes Lewis being named a finalist for the Mackey Award and Chris Kluwe a finalist for the Ray Guy Award?

"That's great. Chris Kluwe has had a good season. And Marcedes did a nice job. It's to the credit to the work they put in during the off-season, that allowed them to have good years. We're excited for them."

Comments from Jarrad Page:

How does the hamstring feel?

"Its feeling pretty good."

This is the first time you've practiced...

"Yeah, in a week. It felt pretty good. I was able to run around. It was still a little tight."

Were you limited at all?

"I sat out some. I basically just worked on our game plan. The stuff against our offense I didn't do. It got a little tight at first, but it loosened up."

Coach Dorrell said he had to keep you from doing more...

"Because I haven't been out here I wanted to get back and do stuff. But he kind of didn't let me do too much today. It's a short practice tomorrow, so I should be good next week."

Injury Note:  Freshman offensive tackle Chris Joseph had surgery to repair the torn ACL in his knee Monday.  It's expected he'll miss spring practice.

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