Itinerary for a UCLA Scout

The high school basketball season begins this week, and <b>Bruin Report Online</b> goes on the road in December to scout the potentially UCLA-level prospects in Southern California. We'll see <b>Mike Roll</b>, <b>James Keefe</b>, <b>Taylor King</b>, <b>Alex Stepheson</b> and many more...

Here is a UCLA basketball scout's guide to high school basketball.

The high school basketball season begins this week and we go on the road to scout all potential UCLA prospects.  In December, there are a number of tournaments that make it more conducive for catching as much talent as possible.

This is BRO's (and Scout Hoops West's) tentative schedule. (A more complete description of who each prospect is can be found below the schedule):

11/29 - 12/4

Redondo Beach Pacific Shores Tournament. Redondo Union High School.
Notable teams include Fairfax (Jerren Shipp, Matt Shaw, Chase Stanback), Price (Terron Sutton), Palisades (Alex Tucker)

Campbell Hall Tournament. Campbell Hall High.
Notable team: Montclair Prep (Jin Soo Kim), Campbell Hall (Justin Holiday)


Taft v. Venice
Notable: Taft (Pierce Brooks, Larry Drew, Oscar Bellfield)

Los Osos @ Glendora.  Notable: Los Osos's Curtis Eatmon.

12/6 - 12/ 11

Ocean View Tournament of Champions. Ocean View High School.
Notable team:  Etiwanda (Darren Collison), Ocean View (Clint Amberry)

12/7 - 12/9 

Thousand Oaks Tournament. Thousand Oaks High School.
Notable teams: Harvard-Westlake (Alex Stepheson), Lancaster (Craig Brackins)


Ventura @ Oxnard. Notable: Oxnard's Omondi Amoke


Westchester Tip-Off Classic. Westchester High School.
Notable teams: Westchester (Isaiah Jenkins, Dane Suttle), Mayfair (Patrick Christopher)

12/14 - 12/16

Irvine World News Classic - Anaheim Convention Center.
Notable teams: Santa Margarita (James Keefe), Aliso Niguel (Mike Roll), Servite (Blake Wallace), El Toro (David Foster), Woodbridge (Austin Daye)

12/16  -- 12/20

Los Angeles City Classic.
Notable teams: Etiwanda (Darren Collison)

12/17 - 12/21

 Top of the World Tournament. Cerritos College
Notable teams: San Joaquin Memorial (Robin Lopez, Brook Lopez, Quincy Pondexter), Compton Centennial (Jervaughn Johnson, Jesse Woodard, Tyre Thompson), Dominguez (Quinton Watkins, Brandon Jennings), Mayfair (Patrick Christopher), Lynwood (Josh Guillory), Harvard-Westlake (Alex Stepheson), Taft (Pierce Brooks, Larry Drew, Oscar Bellfield), Verbum Dei (Auri Allen)

12/27 - 12/30

Desert Heat Challenge Tournament. Palm Springs High School.
Notable teams: Los Osos (Curtis Eatmon), Harvard-Westlake (Alex Stepheson), Lancaster (Craig Brackins), Dominguez (Quinton Watkins, Brandon Jennings), Compton (Demar Derozan)

Torrey Pines Holiday Prep Classic. Torrey Pines High School.
Notable teams: La Costa Canyon (Chase Budinger), Aliso Niguel (Mike Roll), Montclair Prep (Jin Soo Kim), Etiwanda (Darren Collison), El Toro (David Foster), San Joaquin Memorial (Robin Lopez, Brook Lopez, Quincy Pondexter)

As you might notice, Mater Dei High School isn't included here since they're fairly elusive in December. They either play in out-of-state tourneys, or in some obscure Orange County tournament during the month.

We're going to try to catch Mater Dei in an individual game sometime during the month. But if we miss them,  Mater Dei (which features Taylor King, Alex Jacobson, and Kamyron Brown) will have a better schedule in January. They will play against: 1/12 St. John Bosco (Daniel Hackett); 1/14 Servite (Blake Wallace); 1/15 Bakersfield (Charles Anderson; Tim Shelton); 1/21 Santa Margarita (James Keefe);  1/29 La Costa Canyon (Chase Budinger).


Take into consideration there are quite a few other teams and other D-1 players participating in these tournaments, including all of the D-1 seniors who are committed elsewhere. But this is a UCLA-centric list.


Darren Collison, 5-11 PG. Committed to UCLA
Mike Roll, 6-4 wing, Committed to UCLA


James Keefe, 6-8 forward. Committed to UCLA, top 25 national player
Alex Stepheson, 6-8 center/forward, top 40 national player
Chase Budinger, 6-6 small forward, top 40 national player
Blake Wallace, 6-6 small forward, top 100 potential player
Brook Lopez, 6-11 center, top 25 national player
Robin Lopez, 6-11 center, top 40 national player
David Foster, 6-11 center, sleeper to watch
Curtis Eatmon, 6-2 point guard, top 100 potential player
Andreas Schreiber, 6-8 forward, top 100 potential player
Craig Brackins, 6-8 center, sleeper with size and good skills
Patrick Christopher, 6-4 shooting guard, emerging as one of best SGs in west
Terron Sutton, 6-8 center, big upside if develops
Josh Guillory, 6-5 wing, very talented, just needs to put it together
Matt Shaw, 6-7 center
Jerren Shipp, 6-3 shooting guard
Quincy Pondexter, 6-4 wing
Jervaughn Johnson, 6-6 forward
Tyre Thompson, 6-3 shooting guard
Charles Anderson, 6-5 small forward


Taylor King, 6-6 forward, Committed to UCLA, Top 25 national player
Omondi Amoke, 6-6 wing, top 25 potential player
Chase Stanback, 6-5 wing, top 100 potential player
Quinton Watkins, 6-3 shooting guard, top 50 national player
Clint Amberry, 6-9 center, top 100 potential player
Isaiah Jenkins, 6-3 shooting guard, top 100 potential player
Dane Suttle, 6-4 shooting guard, top 100 potential player
Alex Jacobson, 6-10 center, top 100 potential player
Daniel Hackett, 6-4 shooting guard, great outside shooter, top 100 potential player
Austin Daye, 6-4 shooting guard, Darren Daye's son, top 100 potential player
Kamyron Brown, 6-2 point guard, also one of best SO PGs in west
Justin Holiday, 6-5 small forward
Pierce Brooks, 6-6 forward
Jesse Woodard, 6-0 point guard
Tim Shelton, 6-5 small forward
Alex Tucker, 5-11 point guard


Jin Soo Kim, 6-7 wing, from Korea, very skilled
Brandon Jennings, 5-11 point guard, one of best FR PGs in west
Demar Derozan, 6-4 wing, best athlete in class
Auri Allen, 6-10 center, has a chance
Larry Drew, 5-9 point guard
Oscar Bellfield, 6-2 shooting guard

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