Q & A with QB Ben Olson

The big quarterback prospect visited UCLA's practice Tuesday. He later talked about his recruitment, his official visit to UCLA this weekend, his other potential remaining visits and his time frame for a decision...

Quarterback prospect Ben Olson watched UCLA's practice Tuesday.

He spoke with a number of reporters later.

What's the latest on your plan for official visits?

"For official visits, I'll be taking an official visit here this weekend at UCLA. I'm trying to work that out. I have some company coming in, so I'll probably leave Saturday evening, probably cut it short a little bit. Other than that, I'll probably take a trip to Oregon, and also California. I haven't quite decided when that's going to happen."

Will those be mid-week trips?

"It could be. Probably. Because it's coming down to the time when I have to really start thinking about where I'm going to be going and make a decision. Right now I have to start speeding things up. A lot of coaches have been by the house (for in-home visits). I'm just kind of doing all of that kind of stuff right now."

You had said you wanted to get it done by mid-December. So, after the UCLA visit, you'd have to get Cal and Oregon done in a week and a half?

"Probably. I guess so."

You have nothing else to do...

"It will cut into my golf time. But it will be allright."

You've already visited Arizona State?


So, is mid-December about the right time frame for a decision?

"The sooner the better. I have to be in school whenever this semester or quarter starts.  I have to be enrolled wherever I'm going. So I have to decide pretty soon. Start making some decisions."

Can you give us a sense of where you're leaning right now?

"Where I'm leaning..."

You've spent a lot of time on UCLA's campus...

"It was my second time coming down to UCLA. It's always fun to see how the coaches interact with the players. I've been down to UCLA a lot growing up. It's got a lot to offer. I like UCLA."

What do you think of what you've seen of UCLA's offense?

"I really like the offense. I watched a lot of the games. I've taped quite a few of them, just to go back and look at them. I like how multi-dimensional the offense is.  You can do so many different things out of it. I think any quarterback would be interested in the style of offense they're going to be running, and how they'd be utilized as a player. UCLA just really seems to play to their strengths and play to the talent they have out on the field at that time."

Does how UCLA does against USC this weekend factor into your decision?

"No, not really. You'd like, of course, any school you're looking at to go out and compete. But win or lose, it doesn't really have a huge effect on my decision."

Are you going to be openly rooting for UCLA?

"I don't think I've ever openly rooted for any school I've gone to visit. I've been a UCLA fan and a USC fan for a long time. I'll be just having fun, enjoying the game."

Does the status of Cal's head coach, Jeff Tedford, affect your decision?

"I think it does. You look at the stability of the coaching staff, in the place you're going to be going to. I think you want to go to a place that's, of course, stable, that you know what's going on for the next couple of years there. I think time will tell. It's kind of amazing what's been happening with the coaching changes the last couple of days that are going on throughout the country. We'll see what happens I guess."

What schools do you think offer you have the most available playing time early?

"Probably Arizona State. UCLA looks pretty good. You're going to have to compete wherever you're at. South Carolina looks very, very good. It's interesting. A lot of the schools I'm looking at have very good situations for me. A lot of them return seniors next year as starting quarterbacks. That typically wouldn't be ideal, but that's just something you're going to have deal with wherever you go. Competition is part of the game, part of the position."

You had said you would call back South Carolina's new coach, Steve Spurrier. Have you done that?

"Actually my dad spoke with him today. I haven't officially talked with him."

Could you visit South Carolina?

"I could. I've never been to South Carolina. That could be interesting. I haven't ruled that out."

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