Wednesday's Practice

With two and a half weeks of a lay-off, Head Coach <b>Karl Dorrell</b> said the Bruins are just about ready to play some football. He also provides an update on injured running back <b>Maurice Drew</b>...

Comment from Karl Dorrell afte practice Wednesday.


"Great practice today. We needed that practice there, it was clean and getting a lot of fast tempo work and timing and things like that. So I am very pleased with practice. It's almost capping off of having a great week of preparation to get ourselves ready for Saturday."


Hoiw is Maurice Drew doing?


"Maurice is doing better. We decided to hold him out today totally, to give him as much rest as we can today. Tomorrow we're going to see what he can do. If he can't do anything tomorrow, then likely it's not going to happen for him to play on Saturday. We're going to give him a day of rest and see what happens. He went and got three or four treatments today. So we will see what happens."


What's your gut feeling?


"We don't go by gut feeling, we're just going to keep going. We have very capable guys if he's not ready to go and we feel good about our plan and so we're going to keep marching forward to get ready for Saturday."


Is Jason Harrison the third guy right now?


"Yes he is. With also the addition of getting Derrick Williams ready to go. He's cleared to go after his concussion in Oregon. So we have four very capable backs who can do something for us on Saturday."


How is Michael Pitre?


"He's good. He's doing good. His health is fairly good. And he's a fullback, those guys get sore and a little bit beat up. But he will be ready to go on Saturday."


Are you tired of this week already?


"It's time to play, yeah! It's been a long time since we've played. It was November 13th. It's been a long time. We're excited this week is almost over and its time to go line up and play some football. And then we'll obviously have one more game after that. So its time to get back on the field."

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