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The ASU coaches reportedly had an in-home visit with Ben Olson Wednesday night.


Here is the latest on the official visits for this weekend.

Known to be taking their official visits:

Ben Olson, QB
Korey Miller, LB, Committed
Kyle Miller, LB, Committed
Ryan Reynolds, LB
Logan Paulsen, TE
Mikell Simpson, RB
Michael Houston, RB
Shaun Dewitty, RB/DB
Raymond Henderson, DE
WR Jeremy Childs could still visit.

OL Duke Robinson will visit at a later date.

Committed DB Robert Kibble will visit Dec. 17th, as is the plan for DB Syd'Quan Thompson.

I have no word on when TE Erik Lorig will visit.


Senior running back Manuel White said this about Head Coach Karl Dorrell in regard to USC game week: "He's fired up. I'm starting to see the player Bruin coming out in him because, you know, he played in this rivalry himself and you can just see how fired up he is about it."

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