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This is a recent post from the BRO Premium Message Board, one of the best in long time:

When I look back at my bruin football years, they can be defined by what I will now refer to as the "walk". By that I mean the sometimes exhilirating, sometimes "death knell" time it takes to get from the stadium back to my car after an SC/UCLA game.

This year was very, very different from the long cold walk usually associated with a loss to the evil empire. Normally I am muttering, cussing, and internally whining about bad calls, bad coaching, no heart etc.

As the game ended and after a moment of reflection, I turn up the stairs to the tunnel, and I am next to Gavin Ketchum. We talk about his big win on Friday, and another rematch against Oaks Christian, about how cool it will be to play with Aaron Ware (and hopefully Jimmy Clausen and Marc Tyler) at UCLA. Good stuff.

We emerge from the tunnel (my head is held high now) and I see alot of muttering, cussing mustard and ketchup. Remember, these guys just clinched their first BCS championship game, yet they seem to hear footsteps.

Footsteps. Footsteps of a program that made a decision two years ago to not take the short cut. The footsteps of young guns like Kevin Brown and Brigham Harwell. And Chris Horton and Chris Markey. The footsteps of recruits like Ben Olson and Gavin Ketchum and Aaron Ware. And the footsteps are gaining on them.

They also hear the footsteps of guys like Norm Chow and Ed Orgeron and Matt Leinart leaving. And the footsteps of NCAA enforcement.

Hearing footsteps is no way to go into a BCS championship game. I watched Pete Carroll's press conference and there is no doubt he is hearing footsteps. He is looking over his shoulder. And they are gaining on him.

Keep walking Karl. We are right behind you.


We've heard that Alex Stepheson, the 6-8 junior prospect from Studio City (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake, is leaning to North Carolina.

Apparently, the commitment of James Keefe to UCLA will make it harder for UCLA with Stepheson.


Senior wing Dijon Thompson reinjured his hand Sunday in the game gainst Boston College.

Before the season he had needed stitches for a cut between two fingers on his shooting hand. IN Sunday's game, he re-opened the wound.

He could be out for a few games.


Matt McKinney, the sophomore power forward, has been limited by an undefined health condition for some time.

Doctors don't believe it's heart related, but possibly having to do with lung capacity. He's undergone tests, but they have been inconclusive.

He can only play short periods at a time before become fatigued.

It's what has limited his playing time so far this season.

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