Smith Gets Perspective

Clovis Buchanan wide receiver Antwuan Smith visited Oregon this weekend, and he talks about the possibility of making his decision soon...

Antwuan Smith, 5-11, 180, Clovis (Calif.) Buchanan, said he had a good time on his Oregon trip, but UCLA is still his leader.

"It was good. I had a good time," Smith said. "It was actually better than I thought it'd be."

Smith said that he needed another trip to be able to get his UCLA trip in perspective. "Now that I've been there I have something to compare UCLA with. I'm going to sit down this week and make a list of pros and cons."

Right now, without having made the list, who is his leader? "It's still UCLA. But I'm still open to listening to any school, though."

Smith said that he might commit this week, but that he's leaning toward getting even more perspective. "I had scheduled a trip to Georgia Tech for next week. Then they had the coaching change. Now I need to talk to them and maybe reschedule. I'll think about whether I want to commit this week. If I'm still not comfortable I'll take that trip to Georgia Tech."

In other words, it sounds like he isn't completely comfortable making a commitment this week. "Well, I don't think I am comfortable with making a decision. Not really yet."

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