Does One School Lead for Simpson?

The running back prospect from Pennsylvania, <b>Mikell Simpson</b>, took his official visit to UCLA last weekend, and raved about it. He said all his schools are even, but it sounds like one leads...

Harrisburg (Penn.) High, running back Mikell Simpson (6-1, 195) took the fourth of his scheduled visits this past weekend when he visited UCLA.

It was Simpson's first visit to California and he said California and Los Angeles were far more intriguing than he expected.

"Oh man, UCLA was great. Los Angeles was real cool. I had never been there before. I really liked the campus and the Rose Bowl, you see it all the time on television, but it was just awesome in person," said Simpson. "The school was different than Virginia and Alabama, those campuses were bigger and the stadiums were on campus. But UCLA was real cool."

Simpson was in attendance when the Bruins took on USC, a loud atmosphere that wasn't unlike what he witnessed in Tuscaloosa. "At the Alabama-Auburn game, you had way more Alabama fans than Auburn fans. At the Rose Bowl, though, it was more USC fans, and so it got real loud with the UCLA fans and USC fans yelling. It was a great atmosphere."

Simpson has taken his three previous trips to Virginia, Michigan State and Alabama. With one more available, Simpson said he is deciding between a handful of schools who could get his final visit. He said, "I've got some options for my fifth trip. I know I will for sure take it now. The trips really tell you a lot and show you each campus better than you expect. Taking my fifth trip will really help me with my decision. I won't decide until late January at the earliest, and will probably wait until Signing Day. That way I'll spend a lot of time thinking about it."

So who is the leader currently for Simpson? "Man, its tough to say. I really liked UCLA and Michigan State. And both Virginia and Alabama were real cool, too. Right now, I would say they are all even, but my trip to Alabama was the best. There's no real leader, but going by my trip, Alabama was the best trip."

Simpson has had the coaches from Virginia and Alabama in home, and UCLA was scheduled to be in-home this week.

He still isn't tired of recruiting yet either. "I thought the recruiting process would be long and tiring," he said. "But it's been real good. It really makes me think about a decision before I make it."

Simpson has a 2.8 GPA and has a 770 on his SAT, but plans to retake it.

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