Comments from Marcedes Lewis

With four teammates committed to USC, the UCLA commit from Long Beach Poly, Marcedes Lewis comments about his commitment, and how it's been in school lately...

There have been many rumors and talk swirling about Marcedes Lewis, the very talented tight end prospect from Long Beach Poly who has verbally committed to UCLA, since his four Poly teammates committed to USC this week. We spoke with Lewis last night.

BRO: So, there is talk going around that you might de-commit from UCLA and commit to USC?

Lewis: Really? (laughs) Oh, man. That's what they want to believe. The guys at Poly. That's what they're hoping. But I'm firm on my commitment. No way I'd do that.

BRO: Are your four friends who committed to USC recruiting you?

Lewis: Yeah. Today at school it was like, ‘Oh, Marc, you have to do this.' ‘Marc, you have to come to USC with us.' I just nod my head and say, ‘Sure.' I then said to them, ‘Why don't you come to UCLA with me?' And they said, ‘We can't get into UCLA.'

BRO:  With four teammates going somewhere together, is there any feeling that you'd like to go to the same school with them?

Lewis: I have to do what's best for me. They have to do what's best for them. But I know where I want to go.

BRO:  Do you feel a lot of pressure from them – and from Poly – to go to USC?

Lewis: It's a little pressure but it doesn't really matter to me. I made my commitment. I know exactly what I did. I knew they'd end up at USC. But we're cool.

BRO: Have you spoken to UCLA recently?

Lewis: Coach Toledo called me tonight. He said, ‘So, they all committed to USC but Winston [Justice], right?' And I said, ‘No, coach, all four of them. Winston, too.' And he said, ‘That's funny, because Coach Johnson and Coach Weber talked to Winston just now and he said he was looking forward to his trip to UCLA and he hadn't committed to USC.' (laughs) That's Winston. Coach Toledo, Coach Johnson and Coach Bernardi are also coming over for dinner tomorrow night.

BRO: So, is Justice committed or not to USC? And do you think he'll actually take his trip to UCLA?

Lewis: I think he'll take his trip to UCLA. He's been doing that. He took a trip to Oregon. He committed to USC, but that's not stopping him.

BRO: Will Hershel Dennis trip to UCLA?

Lewis: I don't think Hershel will trip.

BRO: Why is it that you're so certain about your commitment to UCLA, with your four friends pressuring you? Will it be tough to see them go to a rival school, and to play against them?

Lewis: UCLA is the best place for me. USC is not the place for me. Nothing against USC, but I just wouldn't go there. If anything drastic happened and I didn't go to UCLA, I still wouldn't go to USC. But UCLA is the right place. It has the academics, the football program and the area where I want to be.  USC doesn't.  

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