Bragg: "I Wouldn't Change it at All"

One of the best offensive players to ever play at UCLA, wide receiver <b>Craig Bragg</b>, talks about what his experience at UCLA means to him as he approaches his last game as a Bruin...

Wide receiver Craig Bragg will leave UCLA as its career reception leader with 186 catches. He is also second in career receiving yards (2,750) and all-purpose yards (4,038).  He will be remembered as a playmaker, a difference-maker, and will represent UCLA in the Senior Bowl.

How would you capture your experience at UCLA?

"It's really been a rollercoaster ride. I feel like I've seen everything you could possibly see in college football, from on the field stuff to off the field stuff. I think I really had an 'exciting' college experience."

Exciting is a good word...


With some of those dips in the rollercoaster, it was still a satisfying experience?

"It was definitely satisfying. Even with many of the things that happened, I wouldn't change it at all. I've enjoyed it. I've learned so much through my experience, not only about football but about life and people. I've really enjoyed my experience here. I'm kind of sad to leave it. You get adjusted to it. You know everybody on campus. So, I'm definitely going to miss it, but I have to move on to other things in life."

What would you say were some of your best moments in UCLA football?

"Probably winning the MVP of the Las Vegas Bowl. It was good to see all the seniors that year go out with the win, and how happy they were after the game. People might laugh at me, but after we finish our last 6 a.m. workout of the summer, right before the season starts, that's probably one of my favorite times. Right after spring ball, too. Everybody gets together for a little party, just to congratulate each other, for getting through a tough camp or tough off-season program."

How about being the all-time reception leader?

"Yeah, that definitely means something, too. I was just happy that I had the opportunity to accomplish something like that. I've been able to start pretty much my whole career here, and I know not a lot of kids get to do that. So just being able to do that has meant a lot to me."

What do you think was your best play on the field?

"I don't know..."

There's one that stands out a bit...the receiver screen...

"Oh, yeah, the one-handed catch? Yeah. That's probably the best play I made. But actually, it's probably the one people remember the most. The one I had last week against USC, the punt return. That was probably my biggest play in the biggest game. That and maybe the punt return in the Las Vegas Bowl a few years ago."

In Winter Quarter, will you go to school or just work out, getting prepared for the NFL combine?

"Yeah, I'm close to graduating. I have one class I'm taking that meets once a week in Winter Quarter. So I'll be mostly preparing for the combine, which is at the end of February."

When's pro day at UCLA (when NFL scouts come to the school and seniors work out for them)?

"It's the end of March. And the Senior Bowl is at the end of January, so I'll have that to get ready for, too."

From when you got here to now, do you see the program going in the right direction?

"It's definitely going in the right direction. Everybody is excited about being out here, and having an opportunity to play in the bowl game. Guys are definitely taking it seriously. We want to go in there and show that the last few weeks when we played well wasn't a fluke. So we want to go out there and prove to the nation that we're on the rise and one of the up-and-coming programs."

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