Quick Q&A With Ben Olson

<b>Ben Olson</b> attended the UCLA/Michigan basketball game Saturday, and had a quick moment to answer a couple of questions. His answers are pretty telling if, of course, you want to read into it...

Ben Olson attended the UCLA/Michigan basketball game on Saturday.  When he came into Pauley Pavilion about halfway through the first half, the UCLA student section gave him a "Ben Olson" chant. He was also quickly converged on by UCLA coaches, including defensive coordinator Larry Kerr and quarterbacks coach Jim Svoboda.

We caught up with Olson after the game.

So, where are you right now?

"I'm down at Pauley Pavilion....no, I'm just going through it right now. Probably Monday is going to be the day when I'll make the decision. It was good to take in the (basketball) game. I had to pick up Dave (Anderson, his former teammate at Thousand Oaks and an all-conference wide receiver at Colorado State)."

Where are you leaning?

"Either Cal or UCLA. That's where I'm leaning."

Is that an order of preference?

"That's no order of preference."

So, the plan is to announce your decision at the beginning of next week...

"Yeah, and then later in the week I'm going to the Las Vegas Bowl."

Ben, you're going to announce on Monday between UCLA and Cal, and then you're going to UCLA's bowl game. Should we read into that?

"You can read into it whatever you want. That's your decision."

Could we?

"It's up to you. You have your own intuition."

You're not going to the Holiday Bowl (the bowl game Cal is in), though, huh?

"No. But I could go to the Orange Bowl."

So, how you're thinking of Oklahoma or USC?

"No. So, Monday will be the day. I just want to take the weekend to sit on it."

When are you going to Las Vegas?

"I don't know for sure. Probably Tuesday."

Are you going to gamble?

"Not me, man."

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