Olson: "Going to Build Something Special"

The biggest news out of the UCLA football program for the last several years was today's commitment from quarterback <b>Ben Olson</b>. The 6-5, 230-pounder answered some questions about his decision...

Quarterback Ben Olson, one of the best prospects in the nation, announced he will attend UCLA today. <p>

He answered a few questions for us while he was out on the driving range this evening. You could hear the "swack" of the ball being hit with Ben swinging the club one-handed, the cell phone being held to his other ear.

So, Ben, anything you want to tell us?

"Yeah, I'm a Bruin."

Now, why did you decide on UCLA?

"UCLA is just the ideal situation for me. It was a great opportunity, and I didn't want to let it pass me by."

What were some of the factors in your decision?

"Staying close to home was big. Having been away for so long it's going to be very cool to be home. My family and friends will be able to come down to the games and see me play. It will be awesome to have that. 

"It was also the entire package at UCLA. It has great academics, great athletics and so much to offer. I really like the coaching staff. Coach (Karl) Dorrell has been great. He's been recruiting me a while.  Coach (Tom) Cable has put in a great offense, and I really like quarterback coach Tom Svoboda. Put it all together and it was just a great opportunity."

Does it feel like there's some closure since you've said before it was the school you liked growing up?

"Yeah, it does feel that way. Like I'm coming home. I grew up watching UCLA. Coming out of high school there were some things that didn't work out for me to go there. Now it's a different story. I'm where I want to be and I'm really excited."

When did you commit?

"I called up Coach Dorrell last night and told him I was coming. He was pretty excited."

Have you turned in all of your enrollment papers and your Grant in Aid?

"I think I have. I've signed everything my mom has put in front of me."

So, are you looking forward to getting out there and playing some football?

"Oh, yeah. I can't even tell you how that is going to feel. It's been a long time and I've been waiting. You know, another factor, too, was the fact that Drew Olson is at UCLA. He's a friend of mine and it's another advantage that he'll be there. I'll be able to learn from him."

Your immediate plans are to go the Las Vegas Bowl. Anything else on the immediate agenda?

"I'm going to be doing some recruiting. Anything I can do to help. Did Jeremy Childs commit?

He did.

"That's good. All of those guys I met, like Ryan Reynolds and Raymond Henderson, I'm going to do whatever I can to get those guys. I'm all about getting the best players to come to UCLA. We're going to build something special."

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