Basketball Update

Senior <b>Dijon Thompson</b> has sat out a couple of practices due to an injury, and UCLA gets some good news about the mysterious ailment of sophomore power forward <b>Matt McKinney</b>...

Senior Dijon Thompson sat out the last two practices due to a bruised thigh. He's expected to practice Tuesday.

As has been reported, sophomore power forward Matt McKinney has been limited by a medical condition that allows him only to play approximately three minutes at a time before he gets winded. His heart rate won't exceed about 160 beats per minute, and when McKinney reaches that heart rate he becomes fatigued.

UCLA trainers, though, have discovered that if McKinney is saturated with electrolytes he can play for longer periods, and has been doing so recently in practice.

Because of the potential for McKinney to play longer stints, and junior Ryan Hollins' recent poor play, you can probably expect McKinney's overall minutes to increase at the power forward position while Hollins' minutes could decrease.

Head Coach Ben Howland was in San Diego Monday watching UCLA committed senior wing Mike Roll, 6-4, Mission Viejo (Calif.) Aliso Niguel and junior target, wing Chase Budinger, 6-6, Encinitas (Calif.) La Costa Canyon. Read the story on BRO about the matchup.

Howland was also spotted recently in attendance watching Daniel Deane, 6-7 power forward, Salt Lake City (Utah) Judge Memorial.

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