Could UCLA Finish Recruiting With a Bang?

UCLA has a chance to finish off the recruiting season very well, with a number of elite recruits still on the hook, including elite prospects defensive tackle <b>Roy Miller</b>, linebacker <b>Ryan Reynolds</b>, JC defensive end <b>Justin Tomerlin</b> and even the #1 player in the country, <b>Fred Rouse</b>...

UCLA has 19 commitments so far and 21 scholarships available.

But it's believe UCLA will probably have at least 23 to give to the 2005 class.

Also, Jeremy Childs, the wide receiver from Los Alamitos (Calif.) High, who has said he wanted to go to UCLA, might not qualify academically by UCLA's standards, which could open up another ride.

Given all this, UCLA has a chance to finish off the recruiting season really well.

UCLA has a very good chance with these elite players:

Roy Miller, nation's #15 DT
Ryan Reynolds, #7 LB
Justin Tomerlin, Elite JC DE (will probably visit)
Erik Lorig, #8 TE/Elite DL

Then throw in at least the possibility of:

Fred Rouse, #1 WR and nation's #1 overall prospect. Different sources indicate different things, but while many believe he's going to Florida State, there are people close to Rouse that believe UCLA is a distinct possibility and that he'll visit officially. One source indicated his academics would be a problem, but another assured us he'd qualify.

There is also:

Raymond Henderson, #6 DE. He has hinted he's going to Iowa, and we tend to believe it. But there are those close to the situation that think Henderson could be having fun with the media, as many recruits have in the past.

And then UCLA could get one of:

Grant Crunkleton, #28 CB
Shaun Dewitty, #58 RB/CB
Sean Smalls, #29 S (will probably visit)
Bret Lockett, #33 S

or maybe:

Robert Peele, #12 CB (could visit)

And there's still:

Charles Brown, #24 TE/OL/DE

And there's also the remote possibility of:

Adrian McCovey, #31 LB

If UCLA just gets three of the first six mentioned here and one among the DBs, that'd be a pretty phenomenal recruiting class, given this year's team went 6-6.

UCLA is still also considering the following players and any of them could visit officially in the next three weeks:

Chase Moline, DT, Mission Viejo
Tony DeMartinis, DE/OT, Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame
Jonathan Soto, DL, La Puente (Calif.) Bishop Amat
John Hale, LB, Los Alamitos (Calif.) High
Trason Bragg, RB/DB, Los Alamitos (Calif.) High
Jared Edwards, DB, Metairie (LA) Archbishop Rummel
Jacque Jackson, LB, River Ridge (LA) John Curtis
A.J. Scott, RB/CB, Palm Springs (Calif.) High
Corey Anderson, WR/DB, Lake Balboa (Calif.) Birmingham

**There's also another 4-star receiver that might be getting interested in UCLA that can't be revealed just yet.

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