Did Moline Get an Offer?

The undersized but very effective defensive tackle from Mission Viejo, Calif., 6-1, 240-pound <b>Chase Moline</b>, visited UCLA this weekend. Being a UCLA fan, he was waiting on a scholarship offer...

One of the anchors to California's top prep program this year is also, interestingly enough, one of the most underrated players in the region. But finally, Mission Viejo (Calif.) defensive lineman Chase Moline (6-1, 240) is seeing some action in his recruiting, picking up his first significant offer, from UCLA.

Moline talked very positively about his official visit to UCLA this weekend. "The trip was great. I had a real good time there," Moline said. "Maurice Drew was my host, I gave him a little ribbing about beating De La Salle this year. He is a cool guy. UCLA offered me a full-scholarship, as a grayshirt, but Coach Dorrell told me that if the numbers work out, I could come in the fall."

So did Moline consider committing when he was offered? "No, I didn't commit yet, because Coach Dorrell said to wait on it. I'm going to take a trip to Boise State this weekend, and I think they are going to offer me on the trip. It would take a lot, though, for Boise State to pass UCLA. I'm leaning towards UCLA right now."

One of the stalwarts for Mission Viejo, who finished #2 in the nation this year, Moline hasn't gotten a great deal of recruiting attention, mainly because of his size. But he has a good motor for a player his size, and plays bigger and stronger. He was recently named the Southern California Lineman of the Year by the Los Angeles Times, and was one of the players receiving raves during CaliFlorida Bowl practice.

The UCLA visit was Moline's first official trip, a trip originally scheduled to be to San Diego State, but the Bruins offered the trip and he didn't hesitate to take it.

He said, "(UCLA) Coach (Larry) Kerr has been recruiting me and I really like him and Coach Johnson. I met with all of the coaches. I like Coach Dorrell a lot too. He is a great coach and a good guy."

The proximity of UCLA to Moline's home, and the fact he grew up a UCLA fan, will be factors in his decision. His parents both like UCLA as well, and he knows the academics there are top-notch. He also enjoyed the atmosphere at the basketball game.

"I got to hang out with the other recruits, and Chris Markey and Michael Pitre at the game," he said. "It was crazy there. It was an amazing game, and everyone got into it. It was a cool trip."

Moline will head to Boise on Friday and hopes to have a decision made when he returns.

In addition, Moline's brother, Chane, a 6-2, 240-pound running back, is one of the top juniors in the west, and Chase said he hopes wherever he goes, his brother follows. He said, "He may follow me. That would be cool."

Moline has a 3.0 GPA and a 960 SAT score, qualifying him.

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