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I give UCLA's football recruiting class, as of right now, a B. They did bring in Ben Olson and got some other elite talent, specifically Aleksey Lanis. Olson, himself, makes any class a B, in my opinion.

But I think they needed another elite OL recruit, and didn't do as well as you would have wanted in another position of need -- linebacker. IMO, getting Ryan Reynolds would have really made this a very good recruiting class. Without a clearly elite LB recruit, at a position of high need, really is what hurts this class.

Now, who knows? The guys UCLA has committed could turn out to be very good. In Spencer Havner's year, he wasn't considered among the three big LB recruits in the west, that UCLA missed on. That could definitely happen again.

But, sticking with the rule, and not the exception, you'd have to say that UCLA didn't get the elite LB recruit it needed. IMO, they needed two, in fact. And it was a pretty good year for linebackers in the west, and UCLA disappointingly struck out or wasn't involved with any of them. Rey Maualuga was known to be an elite prospect, and could end up the #1 LB prospect in the country, and UCLA didn't get a sniff. They also didn't get a sniff with the #2 LB in the west, Luthur Brown. They missed on Reynolds, who is probably #3, and probably won't be involved in the end with Adrian McCovey. They were screwed by Kaluka Maiava, weren't involved with Anthony Felder, and weren't seriously involved with Zack Follett. These, off the top of my head, were the best LBs in the west and UCLA missed on all of them.

Hopefully it will turn into a Spencer Havner type of situation where the exception is correct and not the rule...


Tight end Marcedes Lewis, who is a solid basketball player, did indeed tell reporters yesterday that he would have played basketball this year if football practice hadn't been moved from April to February.

Lewis, at 6-7 and 250, could have provided some much-needed help at the power forward position.


A well-known NCAA tournament bracketologies, Joe Lunardi, projects UCLA as a 7-seed in the NCAA tournament. Bracketology.


Flanker  Craig  Bragg  and  running back Manuel White have been selected to
play in the Senior Bowl, played in Mobile, AL - Jan. 29
Wide  receiver  Tab Perry has been selected to play in the East-West Shrine
Game, played in San Francisco - Jan. 15
Cornerback  Matt Clark and punter Chris Kluwe have been selected to play in
the Villages Gridiron Classic, played in Orlando, FL - Jan. 15


Even after the Hot News report by today, the story on Fred Rouse might not be over yet completely.

Remember, don't always believe everything the recruits say. One poster on here said that he learned his lesson about llistening to rumors from friends-of-friends and will rely on what the recruits say. That's not always necessarily the case. When the friend-of-friend rumor comes from a reliable source you can usually trust it.

But it is a matter of a "handler" close to him trying to place him somewhere, so it's pretty unpredictable. When the story was that he might want to get out of Florida and go to California, his first impulse was to be interested in USC, so USC now in the picture makes sense.

It's disappointing, but it makes sense. -- Tracy Pierson


From Bob Condotta, of the Seattle Times: "What happened here last night wasn't only bad news for the Washington Huskies but for the rest of the Pac-10 as well.  After two years in slumber, UCLA appears to be waking up, eager to reclaim its longtime standing as the program by which all others in the conference measure themselves."

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